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Session 1.6.3 Update - 1.6.3

Session 1.6.3 Release Notes:

Session 1.6.3 updates users of Session 1.5 to the new look of Session 1.6. Users of previous Session 1.6 versions will benefit from the following fixes:

- Creating a new Audio Track from the Global Browser no longer creates a new Track with Input Monitoring Engaged, when Track>Auto Input-Monitor Selected Audio Track is unchecked.

- When the “Auto-Load Synth Patch” checkbox is checked in the MIDI mode of the Global Browser (this checkbox is checked by default), changing the Instrument type will automatically load an appropriate Synth Patch for Clip audition.

- Users of Session may have experienced problems after installing the M-Audio MIDI driver for their M-Audio MIDI keyboard. This issue is now fixed, and users may use either the class-compliant MIDI driver, or the M-Audio MIDI driver.

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