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Session 1.6.3 Update - 1.6.3v5

This file is needed to install Session on Windows Vista 64 or Windows Vista 64 SP1 Operating System. Steps For Installation on Vista 64/Vista 64 SP1: 1) Download and run this installer. 2) When prompted insert the Session DVD to complete installation. This updater will also work to update existing installations of Session 1.6 to 1.6.3 on: Windows XP SPS2,and Windows XP SP3 Windows Vista 32 and Vista 32 SP1

In order to download the following software, you must be a registered owner of one of the following products: Session KeyStudio 25, KeyStudio 25, KeyStudio, Session KeyStudio, Keystation 49e, Micro, Session with Fast Track USB, KeyStudio 49, Session Music Producer, Session, Producer USB (Vocal Studio), Fast Track USB.

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