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Session Music Producer installation guide: XP SP3, Vista 32-bit SP1, & Vista 64-bit
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This guide will walk you through installing the Producer USB and Session Software for Windows XP* Service Pack 3, Windows Vista 32-bit Service Pack 1, and Windows Vista 64-bit (including Service Pack 1).  If you have Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista 32-bit with no Service Pack installed, please refer to this installation guide.  If you are unsure of your exact OS version, please see this article.

Note: The Session DVD included with your Session Music Producer bundle is needed during this installation process. 

Do not connect the Producer USB to your computer yet!  The driver installer should be run first!

Producer USB Driver Installation

Before installing the Session software, the latest Producer USB drivers must be installed:

Producer USB Windows XP SP3 driver

Producer USB Windows Vista 32-bit SP1 driver

Producer USB Windows Vista 64-bit driver

Please refer to the following installation guides to install the Producer USB driver:

Producer USB Windows XP Installation Guide

Producer USB Windows Vista Installation Guide


Session Software Installation

1. Download the Session 1.7.5 Web Installer and save the file to your desktop.

Please note that this update is only available to registered users of Session. If you're not already registered, please do so now at our product registration page before continuing to the web installer download page.

2. Insert the Session Music Producer DVD at this time.  If AutoPlay is enabled and the installation begins automatically, click Cancel.

3. Double click the Session_Web_1.7.5.exe you downloaded to your desktop to begin the software installation, the following window will appear:

4. Click "Next".  The License Agreement window will appear (see below):

5. Once you've reviewed the licensing agreement, click the radio button next to "I accept the terms of the license agreement", then click "Next".

Note: If you have not already inserted your Session Music Producer DVD, a message will appear indicating the Session content DVD cannot be found.  Insert the Session DVD at this time.  If AutoPlay is enabled and another installation window appears, click "Cancel" and continue with the installation already in process.

6. Session Application and Session Content will be checked by default; leave these checked and click "Next".

7. Click "Install".

Note: Due to Session's large content library, installation may take up to 30 minutes.

8. When InstallShield Wizard Complete is displayed, click "Finish"

Verifying the ASIO driver setup in Session

ASIO is a computer soundcard driver protocol for digital audio which provides a low-latency and high fidelity interface between a software application and a computer's sound card (Producer USB).  Follow these steps below to verify the ASIO setup in Session.

1. With the Producer USB connected to the computer, double-click the Session shortcut on your desktop to launch Session

2. If the Audio Hardware window does not open automatically, open it by going to Options>Audio Hardware...

3. Select ASIO for "Driver Type", and select M-Audio USB ASIO for "Audio Device", then click "OK.

Session Music Producer is now successfully installed and ready to use!  For Session Tutorials, click the Help Menu in Session, select Open User Manual, then click Tutorials.

IMPORTANT: When using the Producer USB as an audio interface, you MUST connect your headphones to the unit’s 1/8-inch headphone jack in order to monitor your audio.  Sound will NOT come out of your laptop or computer speakers if the Producer USB is connected to your computer.  If you wish to connect speakers to the headphone jack of the Producer USB, see this article.


* Windows XP Home and Professional Edition only.  Windows Media Center Edition is not supported.