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USB MIDI devices not recognized or working with Pro Tools LE installed - Mac OS X
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On some Mac OS X systems, the Digidesign MIDI drivers installed with Pro Tools LE conflict with M-Audio USB MIDI devices*, preventing them from being recognized, or from working with any applications.  If you haven't already, start by checking the Mac troubleshooting section of this guide.  If your device is not recognized or working with any applications, and you have Pro Tools LE installed, follow the steps below to resolve this possible driver conflict.

* Note: This issue can affect all M-Audio and Evolution USB MIDI devices, including plug-and-play devices that have no drivers to install

Go to Macintosh HD>Library>Audio>MIDI Drivers.  There shoud be 3 Digidesign MIDI Driver Files:

  • DigidesignMbox2Midi.plugin
  • DigidesignFirewireMidi.plugin
  • DigiDioMidiDriver.plugin

Create a new folder in the MIDI Drivers folder named Backup.  Move these 3 driver files into this new folder.  Restar the computer and test your device.  If your device is still not recognized or working, test it on a different computer as it may be malfunctioning.

Note: Moving these MIDI drivers will disable the MIDI ports (if available) on your Digidesign interface.  This will not affect the control surface functionality of the Digi002 and Digi003.