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André Rodrigues Zamprogno

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André Rodrigues Zamprogno

André Rodrigues Zamprogno

Born November 10th, 1990 in Santa Teresa ES.

Since his first years he was very interested in music and had a lot of curiosity in the sound devices found at his house, always testing all buttons and keys of them.

At age 8, André got his first guitar and then began taking classes. Within the first 2 months, his teacher was surprised with the results and told his mother that he could not teach him anything else because he had already learned enough on notation. André was also advised to take classes of classical guitar, but given this did not happen, he began a self-taught career in music.

At age 9, he used to play bass guitar in street bands with his fellows. Being 12 years old, he and his cousins formed a gospel band and within 6 months they recorded their first CD. However, the band disappeared for the lack of resources and support and since then, André has been artistically as a soloist.

He participated at a Gibson contest, where more than 700 subscribers of the entire country participated, ending at the 13th place. After that, his name appeared in some national magazines and finally he participated in the Guitar Battle -which he won-, and after that, received an invitation to perform live at the ExpoMusic 2007 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Steve vai, Joe Satriani, Juninho Afram, Eduardo Ardanuy, Rafael Bittencourt, among others.

Instruments: guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and guitar.