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Andy Hunter

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Andy Hunter

M-Audio Gear :
Audiophile 2496, Delta 1010, MIDISPORT 1x1

Andy Hunter
Electronic Musician/Philanthropist (Suede, Hydro, Wonderstuff)

Dance music and spiritual faith are rarely seen in the same circles, but Britain's Andy Hunter manages to balance the two without alienating the former or tainting the latter. Born in Leicester, England, Hunter's educational aspirations were distracted by his sound engineering tendencies. Steered towards an opportunity to work with a sound company, Hunter left school and began working for bands such as Suede and the Wonderstuff in the early '90s. During this time, he came across the New Generation Music and Mission (NGM) organization, who were looking for a traveling sound engineer to accompany their touring bands. Their goals converged and paved the way for a fruitful partnership.

After traveling with NGN for four years, Hunter settled down in Bristol and became a youth worker. Developing roots in the community and cutting down on traveling enabled him to buy turntables and start deejaying, and he eventually started a club night for the very youths he worked with during the day. At the same time, Hunter began developing his studio skills through a studio production training program offered by NGM.

After deejaying in local Bristol venues, Hunter joined forces with Robbie Bronniman and Ray Goudie of Hydro around the time of their second album, Aborigination. Further honing his production skills and translating the music live, Hydro had a few solid remixes, among them, ones for Hope Recordings' Starcase. Splitting up Hydro to focus on solo projects, Hunter moved to Swansea in South Wales in 1999. Starting up a drum 'n' bass night called Absolute Drum 'n' Bass (from 1999-2000), Hunter expanded his sonic palette to include progressive house, techno and trance.

Hunter then began work on a drum 'n' bass-centric project called Trip with partner Martin King, and in 1997 the duo released a full-length album entitled Cultural Shift. He continued deejaying steadily around Swansea, and in 2000 began work on his self-titled solo release. A combination of Hunter's eclectic musical leanings from progressive house to trance to drum 'n' bass to ambient moods, Andy Hunter never stays in one place. High energy, powerfully constructed rhythms storm through the tracks as sung, spoken and rapped words encourage the listener along.

Andy Hunter uses M-Audio’s Omni I/O, Quattro, Audiophile 2496, Studiophile SP-5Bs, Studiophile SP-8S, Tampa, Delta 1010, Delta 1010 AI, Midisport 8x8, Midisport 1x1, Studio Pack, Reason, and ArKaos VJ.