Artist Info

Electronic/Trance Musician

BT has been a major force in electronic music since the early 90s, when he began creating the wildly innovative sounds that later became known as "trance" music. His debut album on the Perfecto Label, “Ima,” is a sweeping electronic treatise that blends the edges of New Age mood music with the hypnotic pulse of the dance floor. Ever restless, BT continued to push musical boundaries with dazzling remixes of tracks by Seal, Madonna, Sarah McLachlan, and DJ Sasha. These early works quickly established BT as the progenitor of an entirely new type of dance music.

A long-time fan of cutting edge rock artists such as Radiohead, Beck and Rage Against The Machine, BT relishes mixing elements of traditional song formats into his ever-mutating musical landscape. His later works, “ESCM” and “Movement in Still Life,” reveal further development of his signature celestial style of progressive house. Straddling the line between mainstream and underground cultures, BT continues to build his legacy by forging exciting new sounds and plunging into new musical territory.


Watch and learn how BT used the M-Audio Trigger Finger, MicroTrack 24/96 and BX5a monitors in the making of his latest audio/visual work.