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Black Eyed Peas Band

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Black Eyed Peas Band

Black Eyed Peas Band
Band to the World Famous Black Eyed Peas

Individual members of the band that backs the Black Eyed Peas all play an integral part in the group’s distinctive sound and performance style. The band consists of Printz Board (keys, bass, trumpet and music director), George Pajon, Jr. (lead guitar), Tim Izo Orindgreff (saxophone, flute, guitar and MPC) and Keith Harris (drums and percussion). Pajon co-wrote seven of the songs on the most recent release, “Elephunk,” including “Where is the Love?,” which Printz also collaborated on. Izo arranged all the horn parts on the album, and Harris—the newest addition to the group—plays drums in the live show.

M-Audio takes you inside the Burbank, California home studio of the Black Eyed Peas Band.