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With a suitable name, CROSSOVER is more than an electronic music project. Since 2005, the union between DJ and Producer Julio Torres and the violin player and arranger Amon-Rá, brought out a unique sound which created an identity and conquered the audiences admiration.

The CROSSOVER idea appeared in a live show that mixed electronic music (House and variations) with erudite violin sonority. However, their experience and boldness achieved an ideal point of fusion becoming an authorial project that nowadays involves the release of an album, with special featuring of Sandy Leah and Kika Willcox, including a national and international career development.

The most important element to CROSSOVER success involves audience’s empathy and the confidence of the Night club owners, including electronic event organizers. "In the beginning, people stopped dancing and looked at us with surprise; after that, the dance floor was packed! We started the set with a Trip Hop groove at 100 bpm and we shocked people. Once the project grew-up, we got the main stage at Skol Beats 2006, and took the stage at the main night clubs in the country such as Warung”, says Amon-Rá.

With an expressive résumé built in a short time, including Distinction Award 2006 by Cool Magazine and a Symphonic Orchestra performance led by Julio Medaglia - a new and unusual fusion -, the future of CROSSOVER seems to be to conquer the electronic music scenario, with a suitable and innovating concept that astonishes audiences driving them to the dance floor.