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DJ Heather

Artist Info
DJ Heather

Base of Operations:
Chicago, IL

DJ, label owner, vocalist, producer

Selected Artist Credits:
Om Records, Blackcherry Recordings

Official Website:

Widely regarded as one of the premier selectors in the nation, DJ Heather demonstrates her skills and sharp deck acumen throughout her hometown of Chicago and the world with verve and undeniable talent. Heather fuses disco, classic house and techno by producers who understand the forward curve of the electronic music scene. She commands the crowd’s attention and keeps their feet moving. “I’ve always felt the Chicago sound isn’t as much about what records you play as it is about how you play them. I use techniques such as tweaking the EQ, layering records and sound effects to bring a uniqueness or signature sound to the mix.”

Heather toured with fellow Chicagoan Mark Farina in support of three of his Mushroom Jazz CDs in 1998, released San Francisco Sessions for Om Records in 1999 and released her own officially licensed mix Tangerine for the Chicago-based Afterhours label in 2000. She has traveled the world from Paris to South Africa—where in 2002 she was the first African-American woman ever to DJ there. The UK’s Jockey Slut magazine touted her as a star on the rise in their February 2002 issue. The next month she won the first ever DanceStar award for Breakthrough DJ.

In 2003, Heather took on mixing duties for Dancefloor Principles, which lead to her first trip to Japan, fulfilling a childhood dream. Named after her favorite soy yogurt, Heather’s label Blackcherry Recordings made its debut with the buzz-worthy single “Picture of You” featuring Heather along with D.C.’s own EastCoastBoogiemen.

DJ Heather
Widely regarded as one of the premier selectors in the nation, DJ Heather, has taken over the electronic house scene for the past decade. Releasing records on both, Om Records and her own label Blackcherry Recordings, she has been at the forefront of the electronic movement.

DJ Heather on M-Audio hardware and software: “To record my mixed CD project for Om Records I used Pro Tools M-Powered in conjunction with the FireWire 410 audio interface.  I made a simple connection between my CDJs and mixer through a preamp into my 410 and connected the 410 to my Apple PowerBook G4.”

“Using Pro Tools M-Powered software has helped tremendously—especially for mixed CD projects. The clarity of digital recording has been fantastic and the transition from home studio to mastering has been seamless.”

Why M-Audio? “M-Audio has been able to supply affordable software and hardware geared towards the novice producer as well as the established musician, regardless of genre. My approach has always been organic—if something feels right I try to stick with it. Technology helps manifest those ideas quickly and share them with others just as fast. M-Audio has definitely changed the way I work by making the tools I need affordable and easy to master.”