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DJ Pablito
I have produced more than 250 tracks in more than 17 different albums since 1995...

Born in Panama back in ’75. Grandson of The Great Carlos Maestre, who used to have an orchestra that used to play in high class Clubs during the late 30’s and early 40’s.
I have always been involved into sounds and rhythms since my childhood, because of having a passionate family in love with different types of music which they collected in vinyl: Classical, Bossa Nova, Samba, Jazz, Latin Ballads, Son Cubano, Guaracha, Bolero, Cumbia, Calypso, Soca, Haitian Tropical Music, Merengue, Salsa, Disco, Funk and the early days of dancehall reggae.
During my teenage years (’88-’91), I embraced the American music culture with rhythms I liked most, such as: Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Freestyle, Bass and House Music, having the privilege of being a true passionate witness of what is known today as the true Old School.
As a helper in a record shop in 1992, I was given the chance to meet great Local Djs who noticed my interest in the dj Area, my mentors were Edward Allen and Sergio Mix, two of the local and most representative DJs of the dance scene nationwide.
Working as a resident dj for a mobile sound system, I started doing my first Remixes, which were in a short time the most wanted underground mixes in the country. This situation gave me my first shot at working for radio stations in ’95. Ever since, I have contributed to the creation and development of the most important artists in the local Spanish reggae scene; to name a few: El Roockie, Kafu Banton, Lorna, Aldo Ranks, Goodfella and La Factoria. I have done special contributions to Tropical Colombian artists such as Checo Acosta and I have done remixes for Ministry of Sound (Latino 2003, edited in Mexico). I have produced more than 250 tracks in more than 17 different albums since 1995.
As a former dj and producer for the concept La Factoria, which later became a group, I have traveled to more than 11 countries including UK, USA and Mexico, with smashing hits like “Todavia” and “Que me Maten”, to name a few that have hit coming from the underground scene at first. I have also been to more than 170 live performances since 2002 as a live dj and artist’s performance dj.
I have now started my new label “Progressive Music” which gives my personal approach in the developing of new male and female artists and remixes in rhythms such as: Reggaeton, Dancehall, Roots and Culture, Hip Hop, Soca, Drum & Bass, House, Tribal, Latin Pop, Minimal, Electro and Chillout.  Soon to come out is DJ PABLITO “ La Conquista” which is a 3 CD series that includes hot old and new school artists and songs, to be distributed worldwide, hopefully.