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Daddy Kev

Artist Info
Daddy Kev

Base of Operations:
Los Angeles, CA

DJ/Producer/Record Label co-founder

M-Audio Gear :
Axiom 25, ProKeys 88, Torq Conectiv Vinyl/CD Pack

Official Website:


Producer/DJ Daddy Kev entered the Los Angeles music scene in his teens, promoting events for record labels and nightclubs. Over the years, he has become a preeminent recording artist and innovative producer, with studio credits that read like a “who’s who” of underground music. As co-owner of Alpha Pup records, Daddy Kev has influenced an emerging genre of independent music—working with artists like Mix Master Mike, Atmosphere, Living Legends, the Glitch Mob and D-Styles. Remaining true to his passion for live music, Daddy Kev created the Low End Theory nightclub—a weekly event that has become LA’s premiere showcase for experimental artists and DJs.

Daddy Kev
DJ/Producer and Alpha Pup Records co-founder, Daddy Kev, has been a staple in the underground music scene for the past two decades. His vision of allowing artists to fully express themselves with zero censorship has generated a new bred of indie music.

Describe how new technology has influenced your DJ performance.

My DJ performances are entirely software-driven. I try to use Torq to its maximum potential, taking advantage of vinyl emulation as well as the plug-in and sampler features. Before Torq, I used traditional records and CDs at my gigs. Now I can load up my songs and rock them using control vinyl with the same tactile response of normal wax.”

How has M-Audio gear changed the way you DJ?

Before Torq, I was using vinyl and acetates, which had been my performance modus operandi for nearly 15 years. When digital DJ software started gaining momentum, I began to feel like a dinosaur. Torq came into my life at exactly the right time and now I’m back on the cutting edge of music production. The Conectiv interface and Torq DJ software have transformed my sets into a more engaging live experience. Torq allows me to play the newest tracks without waiting for vinyl test pressings or poor-quality dubplates. At this point, I can’t imagine performing without Torq.

Describe how you use M-Audio gear onstage.

I use Conectiv as my interface with Torq DJ software as my main application.  I’m also using the Axiom 25 controller to trigger various effects and samples. That setup has been used on over 100 stages across the world and has always exceeded my expectations.

How has working with Pro Tools M-Powered impacted the way you collaborate with other musicians or producers?

Pro Tools systems are the industry standard for most professional musicians, and the ability to exchange session files without compatibility issues has been a true blessing for my workflow. Knowledge of Pro Tools M-Powered has been essential in my projects with other musicians and producers.

What new projects are on the horizon for you? How do you see M-Audio gear playing a role?

In the immediate future, I will continue to use Torq, Conectiv and the Axiom 25 at all my gigs. These products are extremely versatile and have advanced features that allow me to stand apart from other DJs and laptop performers.