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David Walsh

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David Walsh

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David Walsh
Guitarist (The Exies, Black Cherry)

Even before he could appreciate the music it made, David Walsh found the guitar to be a source of inspiration. As a child, he just longed to make noise. But as his awareness of rock music grew, so did his desire and ability to play and write music.

Walsh was friends with the members of The Exies and decided to join the band in 1998 "purely for the enjoyment of it. I just wanted to go have some fun, play some gigs." But shortly thereafter, the band soon took off in ways that even its members could not anticipate. The Exies released their first album, a self-titled effort, in March 2000. Two years later, the band signed with Virgin and hit the road with “30 Seconds to Mars.” “Inertia” appeared several months later and its lead single "My Goddess," became a hit on modern rock radio.

Before joining the Exies, David played in Black Cherry, an LA-based band with a sound resembling The Cult.