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Electronic Production Duo

Hailing from Los Angeles, J. Scott Giaquinta and Jason Blum, the electronic production duo that make up DeepSky, are New Mexico natives who have produced world-class music for almost a decade. Their style and dedication have pushed them to the forefront of progressive dance music. Even their earliest recordings for the seminal independent label Fragrant Records remain highly sought after by DJs and fans alike, and their relentless, high-energy live performances have garnered critical acclaim throughout the North American continent.
Scott and Jason met in Albuquerque more than a decade ago through mutual college friends. The two initially came together as rave promoters and organized some of the first dance music events in New Mexico, but both quickly realized that their passion lay not in organizing raves but in the music itself. The duo collected a formidable arsenal of studio equipment over the next decade and brought it to bear on a wide range of successful singles and remixes.

DeepSky’s success began with the duo’s first commercial release, a three-track EP on Rampant Records titled In My Mind. The title track landed a coveted spot in Nick Warren’s mix for the best-selling compilation, Cream Live 2. Subsequent releases garnered similar distribution and acclaim, paving the way for future success. With work appearing on more than 30 12" singles and numerous compilation and mix CDs over the years, it’s no surprise that industry heavyweights such as BT, Carl Cox, Sandra Collins, The Light, Energy 52 and others have sought out DeepSky for production assistance and remix work.
DeepSky’s musical journey recently approached a milestone with the release of their first full-length album of original studio tracks for Kinetic Records, titled In Silico. The self-produced material features DeepSky’s signature driving rhythms, keyboard passages and tricked-out melodies, many of which are based In Silico--essentially, “in the silicon”--with an overwhelming majority of the music created in the digital realm using virtual instruments

Deepsky uses M-Audio’s Flying Cow, Oxygen8, BX8s, Quattro, Reason and Live.