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Artist Info

Base of Operations:
Littlehampton, England



Martin Smith - Lead vocals, guitars
Stuart Garrard - Guitars, backing vocals
Jon Thatcher - Bass
Tim Jupp - Keyboards
Stewart Smith - Drums

M-Audio Gear :
ProKeys 88

Official Website:

In 1992, producer/engineer Martin Smith (vocals and guitars) teamed up with studio owner Tim Jupp (keyboards) and graphic designer Stew Smith (drums) to provide the music for a local event aimed at connecting the church with young people. The blend of Smith’s open-hearted lyrics and the band’s home-grown delivery immediately connected with the audience. The group quickly made a name for itself as the most exciting band on the UK Christian scene. Within four years the group was operating as a full-time band—joined by Stu G on guitars and Jon Thatcher on bass—and within five they were releasing singles and albums into the UK charts. Their early Cutting Edge recordings shaped the way people thought of worship music; the tracks released from 1997’s King of Fools edited the way in which the mainstream music industry thought about Christian bands. Though controversial to some, their success was undeniable: two top twenty singles and a number 13 placing for the album. The roughed-up guitars and euphoric melodies showed the way forward, with Radio 1 dubbing them “pop’s best kept secret.” Since then, Delirious? has released 11 more albums, gaining the attention and respect of the North American and global markets. The release of their Cutting Edge back catalogue went gold. They have headlined tours in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, where their adoring fans reached up to 80,000 at US festivals. Global audiences have included the Pope at the 2005 World Youth Day, world leaders at the Athens 2004 Olympics and the biggest crowd of Muslims in Morocco at the 2005 Friendship Fest. Asia, Australia and beyond are now very much on the Delirious? radar. Gigs in Indonesia, India, Singapore, Malaysia and beyond signal new adventures and a fresh time of following God.


  • 1994 - Cutting Edge 1 and 2
  • 1995 - Cutting Edge 3 and Fore
  • 1996 - Live & In The Can
  • 1997 - King of Fools
  • 1998 - d:tour 1997 Live @ Southampton
  • 1999 - Mezzamorphis
  • 2000 - Glo
  • 2001 - Deeper
  • 2001 - Audio Lessonover?
  • 2002 - Touch
  • 2002 - Access:d
  • 2002 - Libertad
  • 2003 - World Service
  • 2004 - Unified Praise - with Hillsong Australia
  • 2005 - The Mission Bell
  • 2006 - Now Is The Time - Live At Willow Creek (live DVD)

Innovative Christian Rock Band

Delirious? Guitarist and Songwriter Stu Garrard on M-Audio Hardware:

“The hub of my whole studio is my Apple PowerBook with a FireWire 1814 and Pro Tools M-Powered. I love the sound of the Solaris and Luna microphones, especially on guitars. I use an Oxygen8 for programming and love the M-Audio Key Rig and Drum & Bass Rig for coming up with ideas. I have a Black Box which is great for those hotel room moments where there is no way you’ll get away with bringing an amp in.

“Jon, our bass player, uses his M-Audio controller for playing the GForce Minimonsta:Melohman live out of his PowerBook via a FireWire 410. I use Ableton Live for grabbing guitar loops that I’ve created in the studio and playing them live off of my PowerBook through the Transit or FireWire 1814 and directly into the PA.”

Garrard on M-Audio Software:

“Ableton Live is so creative and simple to use. The M-Audio Key Rig and Drum & Bass Rig work so well in Pro Tools M-Powered 7 and have been the basis of my demos lately. The GForce plug-ins really sound brilliant, they are so vintage!”

Garrard on Mobile Recording with M-Audio:

“My M-Audio setup is my only personal recording rig and it is perfect whether I’m at home or on the road. The FireWire 1814 is a really great sounding interface with excellent monitoring. The Transit USB has really saved the day by being able to work on planes and environments where size is an issue!

“My M-Audio Studio Pack is constantly beside me with an Oxygen8, Transit USB, Ableton Live and Pro Tools M-Powered ready to go at any time. It’s so easy to sketch down an idea that sounds great on the spot.

“Martin, Jon and I always have our M-Audio gear on the road. There’s often not much time, but when we have an idea it’s so easy to get the M-Audio gear out and start creating. The next album will be the first since we had our equipment on the road, so there is no doubt that songs that we started will make the album!”

Garrard on future projects:

“We recently recorded a live DVD at Willow Creek in Chicago, where the ProKeys 88 stage piano is on full show. Our forthcoming album will be loaded with tracks recorded using our M-Audio products. We are writing for a new album to be recorded in 2007, and I know that some of my doodlings will make it to the final mix because the M-Audio equipment sounds so good!”

Why M-Audio?

“M-Audio’s software and hardware has enabled me as a songwriter to collaborate via the Internet, so files have traveled from Europe to the USA often in the past year. Another world has opened up with the portability of M-Audio products.

“I think that providing excellent sounding equipment at affordable prices to working musicians is an incredible achievement. M-Audio’s hardware and software has completely revolutionized my songwriting and demo process, making ideas come to life quicker and easier than before.”

UK rock band Delirious? explains how great gear—including M-Audio interfaces, microphones and keyboards—helps them make powerful music.