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Doug Yowell

Artist Info
Doug Yowell
Drummer (Suzanne Vega, Duncan Sheik)

Doug Yowell has been the drummer with Suzanne Vega and Duncan Sheik for the past four years, both recording and touring around the world. While not on the road he is busy in the New York recording scene having worked with artist such as Sophie B. Hawkins, Gerry Leonard, Leslie Mills, Samatha Ronson, Mark Plati to name a few. Doug has recently recorded a live DVD for Suzanne Vega (due out later this year) and is currently working on the new Duncan Sheik record.

"Duncan introduced me to the people at M-Audio which, I have to say, has had such a powerful impact on my creativity. I was addicted to Reason and Live immediately, especially after hearing the work Duncan began doing with it. He gave me the opportunity to get creative on my own with Reason and Live for his music in such an organic way that it has become part of the live performances now. I can't say enough how thankful I am to be involved with with M-Audio. It's no wonder they're number one. They really know what is means to listen to the needs of artists and turn that into an expanded creative environment. "

Doug's back pack for the road contains Reason 2.5, Live 3.0, Oxygen 8, UC-33 and the Firewire 410. "I'll be touring for 6 weeks all across Europe with Suzanne this summer and i can tell you there will me many late night jams on the bus with me and the laptop computer. My racks are packed!"