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Electric Skychurch

Electric Skychurch
Electronic Musician

With songs in a class of their own and music you can't forget, Electric Skychurch and founder James Lumb hold an important place in America's electronic music scene. Lumb, a combination artist/composer/producer, founded Electric Skychurch in 1989 as an outlet for his solo material. He and the band quickly earned a reputation for their unique blend of sounds that range from the energetic to the ethereal. In particular, they are credited as pioneers in the fusion of rock and electronic music. Since those heady days, Electric Skychurch has expanded from a one-man band to a full multimedia ensemble with a revolving cast and crew.

In the early 1990s, Lumb spent long days working in the film business, and equally long nights pursuing his other passion—the electronic music underground. In 1992, Lumb released the first self-titled Electric Skychurch EP, which quickly circulated on cassette through LA's pirate music scene. In 1993, David DeLaski joined the project and began producing music with Lumb.

Burgeoning Moonshine Music Records signed Skychurch in 1994 and released Deus and another single, Creation, followed in 1995 by Skychurch's first full-length ensemble LP, Knowoneness. A second album, Together, followed a year later, climbing to #1 on the CMJ RPM chart and holding that spot for twenty weeks. For the next three years, Electric Skychurch stayed on the road constantly, along the way introducing DJ John Kelley, drummer Alex Spurkel, VJ Greg Leeper and singer Roxanne Morganstern to its lineup.

After almost three years on the road, Lumb returned to his home in Los Angeles to refocus and regroup. He spent the next year writing new material, taking his music in an aggressive new direction by developing a brand new Skychurch live show. After parting ways with Moonshine, Lumb recorded hundreds of songs for future Skychurch albums. He began releasing music again in 2001 with the vinyl single Heaven, which was soon followed by the critically acclaimed album, Sonic Diary.

Electric Skychurch uses M-Audio’s Oxygen8, Quattro, Omni I/O, Reason, ReCycle, ReBirth, ArKaos VJ, and Live.