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Emmanuel Briceño

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Emmanuel Briceño

Emmanuel Briceño
Composer (JUANES)

Son of one of the most important compositors of Colombia, Arnulfo Briceño (1938-1989), Emmanuel started his music studies at the age of seven at the Conservatorio de Música of the Universidad Nacional of Colombia, studying violin and piano.

When he turned 15, he started to participate in different musical productions as keyboard player and arranger; in 2002, he graduated from the Estudios Musicales Program at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, getting the tittle of Music Teacher with Emphasis in Composition and Production.

As soon as he finished his studies, he was hired to work with JUANES (www.juanes.net), as a keyboard player, and to this day, he’s performed in the most important stages in South, Central and North America, Europe and Asia, during the “Un Día Normal” and “Mi Sangre” world tours.

After the “Mi Sangre” tour, Emmanuel has dedicated his time to do different recording and production projects in his recording studio located in Bogotá, Colombia.