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Grayarea was formed in 2001 by Chicago natives Nosmo, McRae and Ruin. Based on the success of their self-released debut single, the progressive-house anthem "One for the Road", they were signed to UK-based Hope Recordings. After gaining even more accolades for their first Hope release, a progressive breaks rework of "One For the Road," their follow-up single "Yewminyst," secured the group a spot on Nick Warren's critically acclaimed "Global Underground 24: Reykjavik" compilation. These releases coupled with a handful of highly charted remixes have earned Grayarea spots in the record boxes of the most eclectic mix of the world's biggest DJ's.

Being classically trained musicians, the Grayarea boys weren't content with having their music shackled to a DJ and a pair of turntables. After a pair of performances at the 2003 Winter Music Conference, they spent the majority of the year on tour playing live shows which have been heralded as the best electronic performances since Underworld. Utilizing an extensive arrangement of the standard computers and synthesizers alongside live guitar, bass, and drums, the trio delivers a punishing assault of sweat, energy, beats, and melodies in a performance that is as devastating to dance-floors as it is visually engaging.

Other than taking short breaks to turn out a new single or remix every few months, Grayarea's plans are to keep touring until they run out of cities to play in ... at which point they'll likely do it all over again.