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Jonatha Brooke

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Jonatha Brooke

For more than a decade, Jonatha Brooke has proven herself to be the uncommon artist who is both an authentic talent and a captivating performer. After learning to play guitar at the age of twelve, she felt that a career as a musician was inevitable. She started writing songs in college, and formed The Story with fellow Amherst alumnus Jennifer Kimball. The group made two stellar albums, “Grace in Gravity” and “The Angel in the House,” which were celebrated for their thoughtful lyrics and breathtaking harmonies.

1995 brought her first solo record, “Plumb,” which integrated a pop sensibility into her trademark harmonies. Jonatha released her second solo album in 1997; the critically acclaimed “Ten Cent Wings” upped the ante and ventured even further into the pop/rock arena. That same year, business dealings with her record label turned sour, so Jonatha decided to take matters into her own hands. She recorded the remainder of her “10 Cent Wings” tour and released “Live” through her newly founded imprint, Bad Dog Records. Jonatha’s determination, paired with an innovative, grass roots marketing strategy, turned “Live” into a success story.

In 2001, Bad Dog released her second indie CD, “Steady Pull.” With its funk and rock inspired rhythms and catchy melodies, the album stands as another powerful testament to Jonatha’s creative independence. She continues to tour “Steady Pull” at home and abroad, and recently contributed a pair of songs to Disney’s “Return to Neverland.”

Jonatha Brooke uses the M-Audio Omni Studio and Studiophile SP-5B monitors, and the Midiman Biport 2x4 Midi interface.

To buy this artist's music or for more info visit www.jonathabrooke.com.