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Jorge Nasser

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Jorge Nasser
Jorge Nasser is actually one of the most important musician of the uruguayan scene.

He´s got more than two decades with continuous activities. This singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer has become one of the River Plate´s music support. He was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, his record debut called “Era el Mismo” in 1984 is produced for his patriot Jaime Roos, (a real legend of the “rioplatense” music), whose style combines rock with elements of their “folk” music, the “candombe” and the “murga”.

In 1986 he founds a group of rock called “NIQUEL” (www.niquel.com.uy), whose activities gives him a national and an interational importance, more than a dozen of records that receives gold and platinum premium, plenty of tours and excellent performances (as “NIQUEL SINFONICO” in 1993 together with the State Symphonic Orchestra), that allowed the band to become together with the argentinian “Soda Stereo”, “The Three” from Chile, “Maná” from Mexico., “Paralamas” from Brazil and others, as the referents for the first generation of “latin rock” musicians.

In 2001 after his separation from NIQUEL he relapses the activity as a solist with the edition of “Efectos Personales” where takes the “milonga” (traditional folk style of the south of the American continent) as the base and adding to it rock and pop elements defined a personal and unique style, obtaining a great deal of praise in critic and public in his country. In 2003 he published “Milongas del Querer”, gold record in Uruguay and it is issued in Argentina. He achives performances in Argentina as well as in Chile where he participated in a cd tribute to Pablo Neruda doing the music for a text of this great Chilean poet called “En ti la Tierra” (“Marinero en tierra”, Warner 2004).

At the end of 2005 is issued his new work called “Por Milonga” which becomes him definitely as an innovator and a popular artist and as a singer and a composer. Nowadays Jorge Nasser is recognized as one of the most prolific and interesting creators of the south hemisphere. He is now on tour showing his new material.

For more information about Jorge Nasser: www.jorgenasser.com