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Colombian Singer/Composer/Guitarist/Musician/Producer

His music seamlessly fusions rock music with typical Colombian rhythms such as Vallenato, Cumbia, Mapalé and other international styles like Spain’s Flamenco music, the Cuban Trova and Argentinian’s Tango. The Los Angeles Times has recently named him “the most prominent artist of the Latin Music scene in the last decade”; Juanes is a 12 Latin Grammy Award winner. Time magazine considers him one of the “100 more influential people in the world” and he is currently the Latin rock artist leading record sales in the world and most influential social activist of the scene.

His second release, “Un Día Normal” (“A Normal Day”) set a record as the CD lasting longer at the Top 10 sales lists in the US. His third release, “Mi Sangre” (“My Blood”), was in the top charts for two consecutive years, hitting sales of more than 4 million copies, setting him as number 1 throughout all Latin American, US and European hits charts. His “Mi Sangre Tour” was the longest world tour by a Latin artist performing before millions of fans in more than 170 concerts across 31 countries in 4 continents. He also holds the record of the top Latin artists in Japan.

Juanes has also been the first artist performing for the European parliament where he gathered 2.5 millions of euros for the victims of ground-mines in Colombia, at the same time he organized the fund-raising concert “Colombia Sin Minas” (Ground-mine Free Colombia) through his Foundation “Mi Sangre”.

Juanes has just released his fourth album, “La Vida…Es un Ratico” (“Life Is…A little Moment”) on October 2007, simultaneously in 77 countries, nothing short of spectacular for a Latin artist, followed by an award for more than 6 million of digital downloads. “La Vida…Es un Ratico” debuted as number one in sales in the US and Latin America, setting it as the highest achievement regarding record sales in his career.