Artist Info

Base of Operations:
Detroit, MI

producer, DJ, video installation artist, owner of DETUND Records

M-Audio Gear :
Axiom 25, Torq Conectiv

Selected Artist Credits:
Detroit Underground aka detund

Official Website:

With over 20 releases on some of electronic music’s most celebrated and innovative labels such as BPitch Control, Ghostly International, Downwards and Shitkatapult—as well as his own critically acclaimed Detroit Underground Records, Kero (née Sohail Azad) has established a reputation for his unrepentantly brash, yet cultivated compositions and unforgettable live performances. He has performed alongside notables such as Speedy J, Ken Ishii and Funkstorung. Furthermore, he has established himself as a leader within the growing pack of electronic music producers successfully infiltrating contemporary art circles worldwide.

Co-founder of DETUND Records (aka Detriot Underground), electronic dance producer Kero has captivated audiences his unique blends of sounds and textures, capitalizing on technology.

Kero on M-Audio hardware and software: “I have a MacBook Pro running Pro Tools M-Powered and Torq while using Axiom 25 and Oxygen 8 v2 controllers for playing keys on my virtual instruments. The velocity sensitive pads of the Trigger Finger allow me to create beat patterns and give me natural sounding drum hits.

“Torq really helps out by letting me remix my own tracks on the fly with the X-Session Pro, cutting it up and then dropping the audio into Pro Tools and editing it. Torq has freed me from the hassle of carrying around records. Furthermore, the program’s versatility in terms of being able to use it in standalone mode with the Xponent has allowed me to leave my turntables at home for good! 

“I use the X-Session Pro with the Trigger Finger and Conectiv to control Torq for my live DJ sets. An added bonus feature of the X-Session Pro is the way it enhances my live performances—with the addition of an extra long USB cable I can not only chop up the tracks live but also walk around on stage! I also use the Axiom 25 and Oxygen 8 v2 for my live VJ setup to trigger files and manipulate video effects.

“By far, however, the Torq Xponent is the most key component in my live setup. It allows me to do everything I did with a whole slew of MIDI controllers with just one piece of gear! The Xponent is a revolutionary DJ tool that allows me to use Torq in standalone mode without the turntables hooked up. This allows several more options for DJ manipulation and is perfect for techno and IDM sets.

“Pro Tools has been a great help because it is the industry standard. I have no problems trading files with studio friends and it makes getting the job done effortless since every studio uses Pro Tools! I can bring my tracks to a friend’s house, it sounds amazing, and the new features in Pro Tools M-Powered 7.3 are awesome. I especially like how you can do more things on the fly now without having to stop the transport control.

“I use iZotope plug-ins in all my tracks. The iZotope Trash plug in has been my favorite plug-in for a while. The quality of the plug-in just makes my whole track so much better. I have never seen so many presets and parameters within one plug-in while keeping the interface simple and intuitive. I have also been using the Ozone 3 and Spectron with similar success. I can’t wait for the next set of plug-ins from iZotope—there needs to be more companies that make unique software like this. Another plug-in that gets my attention is the WizooVerb W5 for my 5.1 reverb—it is convolution based and one of the only software surround sound reverbs. They have a super user-friendly interface with a great layout.”

Traveling with M-Audio: “My mobile studio is just my laptop with the Axiom—occasionally I bring the Trigger Finger if there is enough room. I got away with completing a remix for somebody on the airplane on a trip to Germany. I had the Axiom hooked up to my laptop, rearranging beats in Pro Tools M-Powered. The flight was long enough to sequence and arrange on the way there and then edit and mix on the way back. Since I spent so many dedicated hours on the mix it turned out really well on the record.”

What he is proud of: “I am proud of running my label Detroit Underground and also releasing tracks on labels like BPitch Control, Shitkatapult, Ghostly International and several others. I think these labels are the most cutting edge and forward thinking labels in the electronic music industry. I am also proud of developing my practice within the context of the contemporary art world as well. Not only have these experiences given me the opportunity to work with a diverse range of individuals, they have also allowed me to develop my work in ways I had never imagined.”

Why M-Audio? “I have had great experiences with M-Audio technical support—the one-on-one problem solving methods are great and also having such friendly help gives you a more optimistic outlook on using technical support more often.

“I became aware of M-Audio’s presence in the industry with the advent of the Midiman USB device—it seems like it was the first USB to MIDI device that was widely available. Everyone owned one of those little yellow USB boxes at one point—then along came the Oxygen 8—one of the most affordable, quality USB keyboards on the market. Everyone I know has one of these—they are great for portability and live shows. I think M-Audio has consistently maintained a top spot in the music industry because of the quality and affordability of their products. It’s a household name in all genres of music production.”

What’s next: “New projects are always on the horizon. For me personally, M-Audio products such as Torq and the Xponent will be used more for my DJ/live performances. With these new DJ tools there will be an easy way to integrate your DJing in standalone mode with the Xponent by syncing the tracks and the external hardware for a new hybrid of live/DJ performances.”