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King Britt

Artist Info
King Britt

Base of Operations:
Philadelphia, PA


M-Audio Gear :
Axiom 61

Selected Artist Credits:
Ovum Recordings, FiveSixMedia

A self-described “Vibrationoligist,” Philadelphia native King Britt’s musical voice intertwines deep house, hip-hop, broken beat, nu-jazz, funk and many more into soulful, rhythmically textured beats. Beginning his DJ career in 1992, he performed as the wax poet for Grammy-winning act Digable Planets. While touring the world, his love of dance music grew and he began blending house, funk and even ‘80s-style pop to fans across the world. He soon began working as a remix producer—using many genres of music ranging from Macy Gray to Tori Amos to Destiny’s Child. As the current CEO of FiveSixMedia, he strives to continually release forward thinking music—restrained by no genre moniker.

King Britt
Multi-talented DJ, producer, musician, and record label co-founder, King Britt, has been ahead of the electronic music scene for the past couple decades. He continues to push the boundaries of music with a sound like no other.

How do you continue to create innovative sounds and what’s your process?

Well, the computer plays the main role in my production. Sometimes I’ll start with a rhythm, other times it may be a sound or sample like the piano. If I’m using a drum-machine, that will become the brain. I then use the Axiom 61 or the Oxygen 8 v2 as my two main keyboards for sequencing. For inspiration, I look to many sources such as rock, electronica, hip-hop or African beats and that’s where the magic begins! The Torq Xponent system is also great while I’m mixing or doing sampling ideas on the fly.

While globetrotting the way you do, what have you adopted for your mobile rig?

My main flow begins with the MacBook Pro going to my FireWire 1814 with the Axiom 61, Oxygen 8 v2 and Trigger Finger as my main MIDI controllers. The Oxygen 8 is a godsend—quick, easy and small enough to take on the go—a staple for all DJs. Most of the songs completed on the road make it all the way to the marketplace. I find working on the road more creative as I utilize less equipment.

What software titles have you found beneficial to your music creation?

I have all the iZotope plug-ins and I especially love Ozone 3 and Specton for altering sounds and making new textures. Ozone 3 is also especially good for making a quick mix – perfect for testing a new song in the club ASAP.