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Base of Operations:
San Francisco

DJ, producer, remixer and composer

Official Website:

Known for his intuitive ability to carve beats out of the bits, Kraddy (Matthew Kratz) has gained international recognition as a producer and a DJ.  His releases on Muti Music, Bless Records, Blunted Funk, Digital Distortions and his own label, Refiner Records, have set him apart as a producer with a truly extraordinary sound. 

Kraddy’s unique tweak has taken him from his home in San Francisco to Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, Maui and even earned him the headlining slot at Trigger in Birmingham, UK.  He has been featured on NuBreaks.com, BreakinAsia.com and Cnet.com and has also been reviewed by XLR8R, URB, BPM, Undercover Magazine, Mofo and Rinse.


Kraddy on M-Audio Hardware: “On stage I use a MacBook Pro running Ableton Live and the UC-33e as a MIDI controller. The UC-33e links up very well with Live and it allows me to control all of the parameters I need. I use the UC-33e at all my gigs to control my channel volumes, EQ and effects. I split the UC-33e in half so that half of the of the faders and knobs control effects and EQ and the other half I have assigned to different parameters of different effects.  I have the buttons assigned to trigger the effects on and off. The UC-33e is great because it has so many knobs and faders for purposes such as these.

“The Radium 49 is good for impressing people that come into my studio because it looks like a real piano and they can identify with that [Editor’s note: the Radium 49 has been updated and replaced by the Oxygen 49 keyboard controller]. I use the Radium 49 as my main MIDI controller—I find it very easy and useful as both a piano and as a collection of assignable knobs and sliders. The Radium 49 replaced my huge 88-key Alesis QS8, which is quickly on its way to becoming a vintage piece. It takes up much less room, is USB and has all the sliders and knobs a geek like me needs. It allows me to assign controller parameters to different parameters when I’m composing so I can record parameter changes on a track.

“The Radium and UC-33e are both great, easy-to-use MIDI controllers.  They give me all of the options I need to compose and play live. These great M-Audio tools gave me everything I needed to compose, mix, and master my own album.”

Kraddy on M-Audio Software: “I use the iZotope plugs-ins and I love them all. They have a great user interface and they have a very unique sound.  I like the GForce Minimonsta:Melohman as well—it has a nice Moog sound.”