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Lindsay Tomasic

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Lindsay Tomasic

Base of Operations:
Los Angeles


Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and composer Lindsay Tomasic creates incandescent music that glows with sensitivity and soulfulness. Tomasic's pair of solo albums, Well Kept Secret and Paradise Road established her as a recording artist, and she has headlined southern California landmarks such as The Troubadour, Genghis Cohen, Kulaks Woodshed, The Coach House and Largo—plus ASCAP's notable showcase, "Quiet On The Set."

Tomasic's songs and themes have been featured across a variety of media. She penned the theme song to King World's Roseanne talk show, NBC's Mysterious Ways and a diverse range of dramas, comedies and reality shows including The L Word, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Malcolm in the Middle, Get This Party Started   and Desperate Housewives.

A native of Michigan 's Upper Peninsula, Tomasic reunited her Midwestern band Trees for a new, eponymous recording project and in 2006 the group headlined a benefit concert for Habitat for Humanity in Ann Arbor . That same year, Tomasic released the CD single “Big World”—a passionate blues/rock treatise about global warming with proceeds earmarked for environmental action. 

Lindsay Tomasic
Singer/Songwriter/Composer (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Malcolm in the Middle, Desperate Housewives)

Tomasic on M-Audio Hardware: I have a 300-square-foot recording studio, professionally designed for optimum sound quality and sound proofing. My rig is comprised of a Pro Tools HD system with a 192 interface and a collection of great microphones—including the M-Audio Solaris, which has played a part in many of my recordings. The Solaris microphone has been a great all-around microphone that I often choose in sessions.

For monitoring I use BX8 reference monitors with the SBX subwoofer. This combination fills the room nicely and provides me with a good image before I proceed to do my final mixes.

I access my MIDI virtual instruments using my Ozone controller/interface, which has stood the test of time—I absolutely love it! Both my Ozone and Oxygen8 keyboards are workhorses and I love how durable and easy they are to use.

My portable studio consists of a MacBook Pro and FireWire 410 interface, which runs Pro Tools M-Powered and works beautifully. The 410 is so portable, convenient and Pro Tools M-Powered works like a charm with it.

I used the M-Audio gear that I have in my studio on my most recent recording album, Trees , and am currently using it for many projects I am producing for Frameworks Music.

On M-Audio Software: Pro Tools M-Powered has helped me to be able to do my editing work from just about anywhere, which has allowed me to deliver my music productions on time or ahead of schedule.

Her songwriting process: I always begin writing and producing with an acoustic instrument, usually a guitar or a stringed instrument. I pride myself in getting a great sound with the appropriate microphones and once that is accomplished, I usually write a lyric and record a scratch vocal. I sometimes have more layers in certain songs, but having the right technology tools at my fingertips is always essential to an excellent final product.

Why M-Audio: As the studio manager of Firehouse Recording Studios from 2003 through 2005, I was proud to be able to work closely with the M-Audio staff to provide an environment in which new equipment could be tested. Being a five-star studio, it was a great opportunity to see how the gear performed in high-profile situations.

I think that M-Audio has been an impressive player in the music industry and is among the finest manufacturers in the world. M-Audio makes user-friendly, reliable and durable products that help to make complicated productions much easier.