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Luis Mansilla

Luis Mansilla
Born in May 6th 1967 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic...

Coming from a musicians family, Luis became a recording and mixing engineer, Pastor, worshipper, musician, songwriter and arranger.

Luis Alberto Mansilla Yabra is a multi Latin Grammy winner engineer. His latest accomplishments include 4 Latin Grammys for "La Llave de mi Corazón", the internationally acclaimed album from Latin music icon Juan Luis Guerra, including Best Engineering and Mixing. Mansilla had been awarded for previous Juan Luis’ albums "Ni es lo mismo ni es igual" (2000) for Best Engineering and Mixing and "Para ti" (2005), achieving a total of 6 Latin Grammys so far.

Back in 1983, in his early days, Mansilla started as assistant engineer at the top recording facility in the D.R. Soon after that, his music career had started, working a full schedule of studio recordings, mixes, jingle production for radio and television and documentaries. In 1994, alongside partner Javier Harguindeguy, he formed the duet Luis y Javier 2x1. They released 2 albums for labels Juan & Nelson and EMI Latin. Luis y Javier won multiple awards and achievements during those years, in the D.R. and overseas.

Mansilla has worked with a long list of prestigious artists, musicians and producers. Among them are: Juan Luis Guerrra, Alex Mansilla, Manuel Tejada, José Antonio Molina, Jorge Taveras, Rafael Santana, Rando Camasta, Tuto Taveras, George and Roberto Reynoso, Marco Hernández, Cristian Samayoa, Pedro Pagán, Danny Rivera, Jose Alberto “El Canario”, Diego Torres, Guarionex Aquino, Ed Calle, Guy Frómeta, Héctor Santana, Sandy Gabriel, Peter Nova, Rafa and Luis Payán, Los Hermanos Rosario, Kinito Méndez, Chichi Peralta, Crispín Fernández, Maridalia Hernández, Wilfrido Vargas, Pochy Familia, Grupo Aventura, David Almengod, Fernando Villalona, Juan de la Cruz (Chocolate), Yanina Rosado, Luisín Rosario, Roy Tavaré, and others.

All these years, Luis has accomplished a vast experience for recording and mixing different musical genres like Merengue, Bachata, Ballad, Rock, Salsa, Fussion, Jazz and Classical.
For Christian music, he has recorded and mixed numerous records to worshipers like Apóstol George Reynoso y el Grupo Adoremos, Debby Perez, Rafy Colón, Ministerios Elim, Claudia Sierra, Ministerios de Alabanzas Buenas Nuevas, Grupo 4x7, Claudina Brinn, Jacobo Ramos, Pochy García, Juan Luis Guerra, Grupo Boses, Bienvenido Javier, Ivelisse Gell, Jorge Suárez, Grupo Mostaza, María Cordero and many more.

Along his career, Mansilla has been honored to collaborate in many albums with top recording engineers Allan Leschhorn, José Amable Frómeta, Eric Ramos and Ronny Torres.
He has also been part of the jury several times for the Premios Nacionales held by the Conservatorio Nacional De Música de la República Dominicana.

At the moment, Luis Mansilla keeps recording and mixing records and he is now part of the M-Audio family.