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Mathieu Schreyer

Artist Info
Mathieu Schreyer

Base of Operations:
Los Angeles, CA



M-Audio Gear :
Torq Conectiv Vinyl/CD Pack

Selected Artist Credits:
J-Dilla, Tricky, N’Dea Davenport, Spacek, Syreeta, Chali 2na, Leon Ware; Les Nubians, Talib Kweli, Dwele, Yusef Lateef

Mathieu Schreyer was born in France and moved around the world with his parents, living in North Africa, the Middle East and in Asia before settling down in Los Angeles. “I came to visit my sister in 1995 and I never left. I had been collecting records for about five years at that point and I started casually spinning in restaurants and at parties for friends.” Next thing you know, I’m spinning corporate events for Nike and Vanity Fair and a bunch of celebrity parties.” A shot at a modeling career helped him get his visa and pay the bills, but music was the reason Mathieu made LA his permanent home. His first KCRW connection was through Garth Trinidad, host of Chocolate City. The two DJ’s shared a residency at Zanzibar in Santa Monica on Sunday nights called “One Way” for five years and when a slot opened up on air, Mathieu submitted a demo. He created On The Corner to focus on international and eclectic music and share the soundtrack to his life.
“What I play depends on my mood, what I’ve been going through that week. My shows are a meaningful journey with ups and downs and lows and highs, like what you experience in life. There will always be a blend of Jazz, Latin, Brazilian, African, Soul, Funk, Reggae, Electronica, Folk, Hip-Hop and plenty of oddities like weird soundtracks and library records…I am into so many different kinds of music. What I am really looking for in music is a feeling, and I am able to find it in all those genres.” The first thing he ever purchased himself (with money from the tooth fairy) was a tape by the French artist, Renaud. He started snatching 45’s from his siblings -- Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson – and playing them for friends on his Fisher-Price turntable. He was introduced to more sophisticated music as a teenager and the new experience was mind-blowing. “It was amazing and really opened my mind. Since then, I’ve craved that feeling of being touched by something new as I’ve gotten deeper and deeper into music.”

 Now established in LA, he holds down DJ residencies at two LA hotspots, Hyde and Bar Marmont. He also has produced music for a few projects and had the chance to work with artists such as Tricky, N’Dea Davenport, Spacek, Syreeta, Chali 2na, and Leon Ware (Marvin Gaye). He’s also done remixes for Les Nubians, Talib Kweli, Dwele, Yusef Lateef and Michel Gondry’s Human Nature soundtrack.

Mathieu Schreyer
French-bred and Los Angeles-based, Mathieu Schreyer aka Mr. French, has earned a reputation for his eclectic and diverse music experience. An alumnus DJ of KCRW, Mathieu currently holds down a residency at Bar Marmont, has produced projects with notable artists such as J-Dilla, Marvin Gaye, and Tricky... as well as releasing remixes for Les Nubians, Talib Kweli and Yusef Lateef.

Describe your songwriting and production processes and philosophies. What part does technology play?

My production process is old school, it always starts with records and my MPC3000. If I am happy with what am doing I’ll transfer the beat to Pro Tools or Logic and take it the next level. I am all for technology, it compliment my way of doing things perfectly.

Describe your personal studio and live/stage rig including all M-Audio gear. How do you use M-Audio’s equipment conceptually and procedurally? Why M-Audio gear?

My basic studio set up at home includes a couple of laptops, an MPC, a Roland Space Echo and a Wurlitzer. The basics but work for me. When I DJ I use Torq if I don’t use my records, and use the Trigger Finger or the Oxygen 8.

When you tour, what does your laptop-based mobile studio consist of? When and how do you use it to keep up on current or on-going projects?

Logic and Pro Tools, and my Torq set up.

How has using software like Pro Tools M-Powered, virtual instruments and effects plug-ins changed the way you make music? Which do you use? Have they helped you to better collaborate with other musicians and producers?

I started producing in 1999 and Pro Tools was already around so it is pretty much all I know and yes I find it very easy to collaborate with other producers and musicians. Especially if you are working with people that are in the same place at the same time!

What comments do you have about the aforementioned hardware and software you use? What usage tips can you share with other musicians?

I am all over Logic these days, but my most fun still comes from sampling and messing with the MPC. As far as DJing, Torq has made my job effortless and that’s a good thing!!! I love the way it all sounds if I keep all my mp3 at 320.

How would you describe M-Audio’s role and accomplishments in the music industry?

I am very happy with what M-Audio has accomplished and has brought to the table so far. By dealing personally with them, I know they have only just started to surprise us! I am expecting big things from them in the next 5 years! Be on the look out!

What projects are next on the horizon for you? How do you see M-Audio products playing a role in them?

A follow up to my kingsbread sessions and the new steve spacek studio album, as well as a new steveandi ep… and of course more DJing and radio business.