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Milo Decruz

Artist Info
Milo Decruz

M-Audio Gear :
Axiom 25, Axiom 49

Milo Decruz
Bassist (Bobby Brown, Lenny Kravitz, Michael McDonald, Duncan Sheik)

“I’m like an officiate at the shotgun wedding between analog and digital,” says bassist, producer and songwriter Milo Decruz. After getting his start in the San Francisco rock scene, Decruz relocated to New York—mastering numerous genres of music along the way. He also earned a reputation for precise musicianship and personal sincerity.

Upon moving to Los Angeles, Decruz was quickly noticed by acts like Bobby Brown, Prince’s protégé Tevin Campbell, and Toni! Tony! Toné! He soon found himself performing on stages around the world with acts like Lenny Kravitz, Michael McDonald, Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter. In 1996, Decruz collaborated on singer/songwriter Duncan Sheik’s self-titled debut album, solidifying his position as a preeminent bassist. Decruz’s mixture of both digital and analog recording techniques result in a deep, warm bass tone, underpinned with muted layers of echo and fuzz. With the help of M-Audio gear—including Axiom keyboards and Pro Tools M-Powered—Decruz continues to pursue his vision of pop music slightly off the beaten path.

Portability is incredibly important to a touring artist. What does your portable rig consist of?

When I leave on tour, the first thing I pack is my M-Audio rig including the Axiom 25, FireWire 410 and the Black Box. The Black Box has become my secret weapon, both for practicing with new ideas and for processing vocals and drum loops.

What does your live rig look like?

I use the Axiom 49 to run my synth bass and trigger samples. I’ve even used my FireWire 410 to sample live vocals and play them back on the fly without any problems. I also use the IE-30s for monitoring live and in the studio. They have great isolation and tone. My bass always sounds fat and clear.

What is your take on technology’s involvement in music creation?

Every piece of technology has the potential to be musical. All the M-Audio gear I use is exactly that—musical and limitless. Each piece of M-Audio equipment I’ve used has changed the way I make music and I love that. It’s all very straightforward, I just connect and I’m ready to go. It allows me to focus on what’s most important—making music!