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Morgan Page

Artist Info
Morgan Page

Base of Operations:
Los Angeles, CA


M-Audio Gear :
Torq Conectiv Vinyl/CD Pack

Selected Artist Credits:
Nelly Furtado, Norah Jones, Angie Stone, Ashlee Simpson, Colette

A log cabin in rural Vermont is probably the last place most people would expect to find a cutting-edge electronica producer—but for Morgan Page, that’s exactly where the journey began. At the age of 14, Page began receiving airplay on the local college and commercial radio stations. While at the University of Vermont, his frequent performances eventually earned him his own show on the coveted Saturday night timeslot. He eventually became station manager of the largest and most influential college radio station in the country. Page interned with Rick Salzar at Plastic City in New York—an invaluable experience that introduced him to artists like Terry Lee Brown Jr., Swayzak and Barada. Page’s credits now include mixes for Nelly Furtado, Norah Jones, Tegan & Sara, Ashlee Simpson and Angie Stone. He has also collaborated with Colette, Gregory Shiff and Astrid Suryanto, developing a reputation as an inventive and talented producer.

Morgan Page
Vermont-bred and California-based artist, Morgan Page, continues to gain notoriety for being able to maximize technology to create unique and innovative music. Morgan embodies all the essentials of a great music artist but also encompasses the value knowledge and passion for technology.

How would you describe the interaction between technology and songwriting?

For me, technology is all about getting ideas down quickly. It’s about your gear having an intuitive feel so you can operate it practically blindfolded. Technology helps you take ideas from your head and turn them into reality. A good piece of gear can be the inspiration that fosters a thousand new songs.

What gear are you currently using for mobile production?

I use a Trigger Finger and FireWire Audiophile for production on the road. M-Audio gear is always durable, high quality and lightweight—perfect for traveling.

Has M-Audio gear replaced your older studio equipment?

I used to lug around an MPC2000 on tours and it was a staple part of my studio. Now it’s collecting dust because the Trigger Finger replaced it years ago. The thing I love about M-Audio gear is the ease of use. M-Audio gear helps me capture ideas quickly and easily.

How has Pro Tools M-Powered changed the way you create music?

Pro Tools M-Powered is essential to my workflow. I use automation for everything—from creating rhythms out of sustained sound, to building dramatic swells and making the stereo field come alive. The new 7.4 version is blowing my mind.

What other software programs have impacted your creative process?

I used Hybrid to get the big progressive synth sound on the Delerium remix that hit #1 on Billboard. I also think the GForce synths sound amazing and are especially good on the road when I can’t bring my keyboards with me. And with iZotope Ozone 3, my production has improved from top to bottom.

What projects are coming up next?

I’m about to release my debut album on Nettwerk Records and I launched my own record label Nuance Recordings this last summer. M-Audio gear will continue to play an integral role in all of my recordings. Next up is a worldwide tour to promote the album—and of course much more new music on the way!