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Nenhum de Nós
The rock group “Nenhum de Nós” is one of the major success bands in Brazil...

The rock group “Nenhum de Nós” is one of the major success bands in Brazil.

For 20 years on the road, the group has unified success and quality with a remarkable list of hits and awards.
At the years of 1988 and 1989 they had the most played songs at Brazilian radios: “Camila Camila” and “Astronauta de Mármore”, and, in 1990, the song “Sobre o tempo” was one of the most played in the country and was part of a major TV serial soundtrack called “Barriga de Aluguel”.

In 1992, “Nenhum de Nós” received the Video Music Award from the Brazilian MTV for their video clip “Ao meu redor”, as a result of a direct audience vote and was the Brazilian representative at the Los Angeles VMA.

The group recorded in 1994 the first known Brazilian unplugged format album at São Pedro Theatre, entitled “Acústico Ao vivo no Teatro São Pedro”.
On 1996, the band released the album “Mundo Diablo” with the participation of many guests artist such as Herbert Vianna, Fito Páez, Edgard Scandurra and Flávio Venturini.The song “Vou deixar que você se vá” was a major hit In Brazil.
In 1998, the group released the album “Paz e Amor” mixed at Rockfield Studios in Wales (the same used by Oasis on “What´s the history Morning Glory”) with the UK producer from “The Charlatans”, Dave Charles, right on the mixing console. This Record resulted on two major successes called “Paz e Amor” and “Você vai lembrar de mim”. Next came the following albums: “Histórias Reais Seres Imaginários” (Sony BMG) and “Acústico Ao Vivo 2” (Orbeat Music).
The group’s most recent album is called “Pequeno Universo”.
On these 20 years of career, “Nenhum de Nós” has had more than one million records sold, more than 1500 shows made and a multitude of fans around the country.
 “Nenhum de Nós” is: Thedy Corrêa (vocals and bass guitar); Carlos Stein (guitars); Veco Marques (guitars); João Vicenti (keyboards and accordeon) and Sady Homrich (drums).