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Patrick Lachman

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Patrick Lachman

Guitarist, bassist, vocalist, and producer

Patrick Lachman
Guitarist/vocalist Lachman's diverse career includes work with hard-rock greats Rob Halford, Dimebag Darrel and more

Background: Vocalist/guitarist Patrick Lachman has enjoyed a diverse career playing and recording with many hard-rock greats. He got his start as guitarist for the band Diesel Machine (1996 to 2001), before joining the solo band of former Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford, titled Halford.

Following quickly on the heels of Halford's debut album, Resurrection, Lachman released Torture Test—the debut album from his other band, Diesel Machine. In 2003, Lachman joined with former Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell and drummer Vinnie Paul to form a new band called Damageplan—this time, Lachman played the role of vocalist. Their debut album, New Found Power, was released in 2004.

Following the untimely and tragic death of Dimebag Darrell, Lachman was enlisted as the guest vocalist for rock legends Alice in Chains for a Tsunami Benefit concert in February of 2005. This momentous event in the band’s hometown of Seattle would be their first performance together in almost a decade. Lachman then formed The Mercy Clinic with guitarist Brian Harrah (Professional Murder Music). In addition, Lachman was recently recruited as touring guitarist for Grammy nominated modern metalers Killswitch Engage.

  • Halford - Resurrection (2000)
  • Diesel Machine - Torture Test (2001)
  • Halford - Live Insurrection (live, 2001)
  • Halford - Crucible (2002)
  • Halford - Fourging the Furnace (EP, 2003)
  • Damageplan - New Found Power (2004)
  • Soundtrack to The Punisher (2004)
Lachman on M-Audio Hardware: “Essentially, I've got the FireWire 1814 and I've got it set up for fast writing, which is easily expandable later on. I also have the Black Box and I have a couple of presets mainly for guitar and bass. As soon as I have an idea, I usually have a session template all set up with the proper inputs and everything.  As fast as I can think it, I can play it—and I have my favorite sounds all ready to go.

“The Black Box is a device that has distinctly different amp models.  With some other devices, you would change presets and it'd just be more of the same. I think that the Black Box has more unique voicings than some of the other products that I've heard. A lot of times I'll use the Black Box as the main tool for scratch tracks and things like that just because it's really easy and portable and convenient. A lot of times I'll use loops out of the Black Box and then just plug in and track straight using guitar presets on the Black Box.

“I'm also in the process of testing out the Solaris with the Tampa preamp, and so far they sound amazing together.”

Traveling with M-Audio: “I've been working on my band, The Mercy Clinic, and I've also been collaborating with other artists, helping them write.  My newest project involves international collaboration with several well-known musicians from well-known bands.  So far, the process has been very individual and we're all writing our own stuff. The M-Audio equipment really helps facilitate that collaboration across great distances. Having the Pro Tools M-Powered format that's compatible with many different systems makes sending files a lot easier these days.”

His role in Mercy Clinic: “My role is more of a vocalist in the live application, but in the studio application and writing, I pretty much do it all. I come up with basic drum ideas, program stuff and lay down lots of guitar and bass tracks. I've written complete songs and things of that nature with the M-Audio tools that I have available to me, Black Box included.  It makes it a lot easier to just complete an idea instead of having to wait on other people.

“Then when you get together, the collaboration and the chemistry kicks in. Sometimes there are things that are spontaneous that happen in the studio or mistakes and it's a kind of a magical moment that you want to keep.  Otherwise, you're going for a certain vibe and maybe you need more time or just familiar surroundings. I think that some of my best work has been done alone, in my own studio.”

Why M-Audio? “I think that with the direction that recording and technology has taken, everybody would be wise to take it into their hands—even if you have the opportunity and the budget to work with larger studios and name producers.  There's nothing more valuable than information and experience. The more you do on your own the better, and M-Audio products help to facilitate those experiences.”