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Artist Info

Base of Operations:
Los Angeles

singer, songwriter and producer

M-Audio Gear :
Audiophile 2496, Axiom 61, Velvet 2 by AIR Music Technology

Official Website:

California native RootHub received a guitar from his parents at the age of 14, marking the beginning of his strong relationship with music. In early adulthood, he moved out to Hawai'i. On Oahu, he discovered a deep connection to the ocean and the native people. He then traveled to Kauai, where he found teachers that helped him develop his voice and songwriting style. RootHub found diverse sources of inspiration—from artists including Bob Marley, Tom Waits, Nina Simone and Run DMC to breaking waves and subway trains—giving him a unique style all his own.

In 2004 he hit the road for his first coast-to-coast tour supporting national acts. The experience helped him hone his live skills and expand the definition of his music, which has been featured in film and aired commercially. RootHub is currently residing in his hometown of Los Angeles, working on his debut album, living life and spreading aloha.

Born in Los Angeles, schooled in Hawai'i, travelin’ this world with a voice and a guitar.

RootHub on M-Audio hardware: “The MicroTrack 24/96 is such a versatile tool. I can record song ideas, jam sessions, rehearsals and live samples. It’s so easy to move the files from system to system. I am thankful I was able to collaborate with M-Audio to make the commercial and accompanying song for the MicroTrack ad campaign.
Video Tour: MicroTrack 24/96
I have two studio set ups, a home studio and a mobile studio. My home studio is centered around my computer and a ProjectMix I/O running Pro Tools M-Powered with BX5a monitors for reference. I use the Trigger Finger for beats and bass sequencing and a Keystation Pro 88 for playing soft synths like M-Tron, Velvet and Minimonsta:Melohman. For vocal and instrumental recordings I use a selection of microphones—including the Sputnik and Pulsar—which go into the Tampa preamp. The Sputnik is a wonderful microphone for vocals, horns and just about everything! This simple setup allows me to create from conception to final mix.

“My mobile studio consists of my laptop, FireWire 410 interface, Axiom 61 controller and IE-30 reference earphones. This setup allows me to do a lot of what I can do with the stationary studio, but also allows me the freedom of movement. Whether I am on a plane, bus, or a beach somewhere I can still make my music. As far as an all-in-one MIDI controller goes, the Axiom 61 is my favorite. I use the Axiom as a transport control for Pro Tools M-Powered while simultaneously manipulating soft synth parameters.

“I have been working with an amazing band called the Culver City Dub Collective, who I collaborate with and use M-Audio gear with for live performances. I use Ableton Live on my laptop to run backing tracks behind my live guitar and vocals. My Trigger Finger allows me to trigger the sample tracks in Live—it’s like having a band with me on stage!”

RootHub on M-Audio software: “Utilizing amazing tools like Pro Tools M-Powered has really improved the way I make music. Coming from a background where I traveled with an acoustic guitar and a backpack for years, the idea of using computers to produce music was daunting at first. Once I embraced these tools my songwriting greatly improved—in fact, the whole definition of how I created music expanded.

“Using Pro Tools M-Powered I’ve been able to work with musicians in a way I never dreamt possible. I have one musician friend in Seattle and another in Hawai’i, and we all collaborate by sending Pro Tools files back and forth over the Internet. Opening different versions of Pro Tools files is seamless within M-Powered and makes global collaboration epic!

“I love all of the soft synths and effects from M-Audio, but my favorite soft synth is the M-Tron. Nothing out there comes as close to the real thing as the M-Tron does. As far as effects go, the one that I get the most use out of is the iZotope Ozone 3 plug-in. Using this plug-in as a mastering tool, I have been able to sweeten up my demos. It has also given me a better grasp on what mastering is and how it works, the documentation is amazingly thorough!”

What he is proud of: “I am proud of touring with national acts in the U.S. and touring in Mexico, Central America and Hawaii, as well as having my music placed in several films.

“I have quite a MySpace following for an independent musician. Recently a friend’s brother passed away, and she was trying to deal with her grief. She and her brother always went to my performances and shared the love of the same music. Whenever she heard these songs it would remind her of her loss. She expressed this to me and I was able to make some new music with my M-Audio equipment and send it to her. She sent me a message saying how wonderful it was to have these new songs to comfort her and begin the healing process. This is what I believe music is for—when you help someone with music, that is success in my eyes.”

Why M-Audio? “M-Audio saved the day when I needed to get a song to a music placement agent under a tight schedule. I did not have time to have it mastered but with the use of Pro Tools M-Powered and the iZotope Ozone 3 mastering plug-in, I was able to send a professional-sounding song on time.

M-Audio has facilitated my musical growth both creatively and professionally. When I began using M-Audio gear I was using just an Audiophile 2496 and an Oxygen8. The products have allowed me to learn as I grow and realize my potential for creation.

“All of my M-Audio products are vital to the creations I am trying to achieve. M-Audio has been ahead of the curve ever since I first purchased my Oxygen8. Everybody that was creating music with their computers either had one or wanted one when that piece of gear came out. I know of no other company that has helped so many people create the music that they desire.”