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Scott Healy

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Scott Healy

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ProKeys 88

Scott Healy
During the course of 15 seasons on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, keyboardist Scott Healy has experienced a wild—and sometimes unpredictable—ride. Besides performing every night with the Max Weinberg 7, Healy and the other band members showcase their impressive acting skills by getting involved in Late Night’s madcap comedy sketches.

When Scott isn’t performing on Late Night, he can be found at his studio—Blue Dog Music in Chelsea, NY—where he scores films, composes, produces and arranges for groups like The Coalition and Max Gabriel. Healy has also worked with Bruce Springsteen, Tony Bennett, Christina Aguilera and BB King. He is also a proud recipient of the Distinguished Artist Award from the New Jersey Council on the Arts, as well as numerous grants and fellowships through the National Endowment for the Arts.

Describe your songwriting and production process:

I use lots of different processes to get the job done, depending on the style of the music and the creative flow. Sometimes I compose on the piano, writing directly onto score paper, or start with software like Reason and Live. I use my Intel Mac for everything at some point, even for non-electronic music production.

What gear would we find in your studio?

In the studio I use Pro Tools M-Powered 7.3 along with my ProjectMix I/O interface/control surface. The ProjectMix is incredibly easy to use and allows me to switch between Pro Tools modes. I love the master volume knob, and the moving faders work very well. With ProjectMix I can alternate between mixing with a mouse and using the faders and knobs for expressive control. It’s the perfect solution for a quick Pro Tools M-Powered session, and gives me compatibility with the universal Pro Tools HD format. I use my Ozonic at home hooked into my G5 iMac for quick edits and small projects.

What equipment do you use for live performances?

I use the ProKeys 88 live when I can’t bring my full rig and need to get in and out quickly. I carry the ProKeys under one arm and my little amp in the other! It’s amazing how good the built-in sounds are, especially the Clav. Since the sounds are great, it allows me to experiment more and not be afraid to change effects and settings.

I have also used the ProKeys 88 at home with headphones for songwriting. The piano sound is realistic, the stereo imaging is great and it’s an excellent tool for a quick piano sound without any complicated set-up.

How has working with software like Pro Tools M-Powered changed the way you make music?

I found myself working more and more with people who use Pro Tools exclusively—especially songwriters and composers who use their laptops for writing. I needed the ability to quickly open sessions without having to worry about converting from one DAW format to another. Now I’m using Pro Tools and M-Audio hardware on everything—my new electronic music record, a new Coalition record, an original 10-piece jazz group and much more.