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Steve Brown

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Steve Brown

guitarist, songwriter

Whether he plays solo, with his trio Steve Brown & The Fallout or with his all- original outfit Stereo Fallout, Steve Brown displays killer guitar work. Hal B. Selzer of New Jersey’s biggest music publication, The Aquarian Weekly said "You won't find a better one-man band, or even a two or three-man band, that can match him!" Brown was the founder, songwriter and leader of the rock band Trixter, who had a RIAA certified gold album with their self-titled debut album. Brown then toured with Kiss, The Scorpions, Poison and Warrant and wrote three Billboard Top 100 singles and had three #1 MTV videos.

In 2007 Brown released the debut CD by his band Stereo Fallout entitled The Other Side. The disc was produced by Grammy Award-winning producer, engineer and mixer Skidd Mills (Saliva, ZZ Top, Third Day, Sister Hazel) and Brian Malouf (Queen, Lit, Everclear). The record is a collection of hit radio rock songs made for fans of big guitars, huge melodies and massive production.

Steve Brown
Guitarist Steve Brown plays over 275 shows a year and has written three Billboard Top 100 singles

Brown on M-Audio hardware: “I use the IE-30 professional reference earphones on stage for monitoring my guitar playing. They sound great and are very solid—I also use them in my studio for headphones.

“In my studio ‘Mojo Vegas’ I have an Apple G5 with an NRV10 running Pro Tools M-Powered. I use the NRV10 for tracking drums, guitars and vocals. The NRV10 has killer preamps that sound awesome—it replaced my old Mackie board!

“I use a Keystation 49e for all of my keyboard work. I love the fact that it’s portable and works with all of my favorite plug-ins.”

Brown on M-Audio software: “Working with Pro Tools M-Powered gives artists the ability to make CDs like the pros. For me, I never have to think about the word ‘demo’ or the phrase ‘when we cut this in a real studio.’ Working with other musicians around the world is easy now because I can send a FireWire drive anywhere and have others record or mix wherever they are, all within the same session. I worked this way on my CD, The Other Side with my band Stereo Fallout. We tracked the songs in Memphis and sent the drive to Hollywood to be mixed.

“I love the plug-ins that come with Pro Tools M-Powered—they are very easy to use and sound great. iZotope’s Ozone 3 is killer for mastering—it makes everything sound great.”
His songwriting process: “I still write the same way I always have, with my acoustic guitar and a melody or lyric idea. I then go to my Pro Tools M-Powered rig and start building the song. That’s the beauty of technology and Pro Tools—you can use all of your ideas that can all be part of the finished master recording.”

Why M-Audio? “All of the M-Audio products that I use have been great—they look cool and sound stellar. I can’t ask for more than that! My M-Audio gear has made me want to work more because I dig all of it so much. It takes my playing and music to new heights of technology and creativity. M-Audio rocks my world!”