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"who is widelife?", “did you hear that widelife track?", "I hear widelife have a remix on that","is it wildlife or widelife?" If you had been anywhere near a nightclub in 2002 these are some of the phrases you would have heard echo from party to party across the United States... Widelife Burst onto the scene in 2002 with their smash first release “I Don't Want U” on Nervous Records and almost instantly became the new buzz-word around town. “I Don't Want U” quickly reached the pole position on Billboard Magazine's Dance/Club play chart in October of 2002 and continues it's firm hold on the #1 spot at New York's KTU 103.5 radio station as well as sister stations across the country. Widelife continue to support their infamous first single with countless shows across North America. So who is Widelife anyway? Widelife is the artistic collaboration between Ian J. Nieman and Rachid Wehbi. With a hit record on the charts, it did not take long before Rachid & Ian J were in demand by various artists seeking to add the Widelife touch to their records. Having previously collaborated with remix luminaries, Thunderpuss, on the club favorite Six Feet Under, Widelife had already wetted Clubland's appetite. With hit remixes for Mariah Carey, Lamya, Deborah Cox, Soluna and LeAnn Rimes, Widelife delivered the dance floor Anthems that clubland was craving. Being songwriters at heart, though, Widelife did not waste any time in delivering yet another original production in the form of Faith Trent's “Body (Reach Out).” Written & produced by Widelife, “Body” might not have sounded anything like “I Don't Want U” but the result was the same, another Top 5 Billboard Dance/Club Play record. Not satisfied with just club and radio successes, Widelife recently composed and produced the opening theme music for the Mega Hit NBC/BRAVO series "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" which was recently featured on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Driven by the success of Queer Eye, Widelife have also recently finished work on theme music for the Trio channel's 24/w and ABC's “Knock First.” Further recognition was lavished on Widelife as they were recently honored with 2 award nominations at the 2003 Winter Music Conference in Miami. For the latest news and previews, be sure to check out Widelife at their digital home www.widelifeonline.com


Widelife News Highlights:

•  “All Things ” the theme song for “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” has been sigend to Capitol Records and will appear on the Queer Eye Soundtrack coming in the New Year. A video for the song has been shot by Director Wayne Isham and will bring the Queer Eye Guys from the streets of New York into Widelife's world.

•  “All Things” makes an appearance on the October 22rd episode of South Park. In the show's takeoff on Queer Eye For the Straight Guy, “"Metrosexuality", Widelife's Theme was used twice.

•  On August 15'th 2003 the cast of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy took over the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and gave the show a royal makeover. The show was a total ‘Queer Eye' infused ‘Tonight Show' and included multiple versions and snippets of Widelife's “All Things”. Widelife Created the infectious opening theme music for the show, which has turned out to be an undeniable midsummer smash.

•  Following the success of the Queer Eye Theme, Widelife have recently completed the theme music for ABC Family'sKnock First” TV show. Widelife have created a sharp skater-rock production to match the energy of the show and the theme song (also written by Widelife).

•  In May LeAnn Rimes asked Widelife to remix her new single "We Can". The Diane Warren penned song will be featured in the "Legally Blonde 2" movie coming out summer 2003. This makes Widelife's 3rd collaboration with LeAnn.

•  Widelife will be featured in an August 2003 Billboard Magazine cover story on the current state of remixing. The first official Widelife interview appeared in HX magazine in the October 4 th Issue. Widelife also appeared on the cover of DMA magazine for the month of November 2002.

•  “I Don't Want U” has had a firm grasp on the #1 playlist spot for most of 2003 on New York's KTU radio station, and should end up occupying the #1 spot of most played song of 2003! “I Don't Want U” had previously gone #1 on the on Billboard's Dance/Club Chart. (week of October 26, 2002)

•  “Body (Reach Out)” by Faith Trent, which is also written and produced Widelife, is the Power Pick (week of October 26, 2002) on the Billboard Dance/Club Chart. “Body” eventually hits top five on the chart.

•  All in all, Widelife, for the Week of October 26, 2002 held (as either writers/producers or remixers) the #1, #25 (power pick) and #43 (hot shot debut) positions on the Billboard Dance/Club Chart – all in the same week!