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Los Angeles

Producer, DJ

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Kenneth James Gibson is a man of many personas. Gibson cut his teeth as guitarist, singer, part-time keyboardist and producer of the ‘90s indie rock band Furry Things. When he tired of being in a band, he started producing electronic music under the name Eight Frozen Modules. He laid down an off-kilter mix of electro, abstract hip hop, dub and techno using just a guitar, half-broken sampler, drum machine, borrowed synths and a four-track.

In 1997, Ken moved from Austin, Texas to the big city of Los Angeles, California. After releasing a few records as Eight Frozen Modules on various labels such as Trance Syndicate and City Slang, he gave up the four-track and guitar for a desktop computer and software. While taking a few years off from releasing music, he learned how to create a new world in the land of computers. He resurfaced in 2001 with the Eight Frozen Modules CD Random Activities and Broken Sunsets, a mix of glitched-out electro, techno, and IDM for the L.A. label, Phthalo.

Gibson has also released music under the names [a]pendics.shuffle, The Premature Wig, dubLoner, Electronic Music Composer, Reverse Commuter, Bal Cath, Hiss and Buzz (with Jack Dangers), and most recently as Kenneth James G., and KJ Gibbs for labels such as Mo's Ferry Productions, Adjunct, Resopal, Budenzauber, Orac, Mineral, Tigerbeat 6, Skor, Planet-Mu, g25/ Very Friendly, Proptronix, Headinghome, Shockout, Narita, Disco Inc., Mille Plateaux, Orthlorng Musork and Plateaux Resistance—just to name a few.

Gibson resides in Echo Park, California and will release tracks on Friends Of Tomorrow, Floppy Funk, Sunset Diskos/ Mitek, Mo's Ferry Productions, Hallucination Limited, Adjunct, Persistancebit, Orac and more in 2007. He has also started his own label with Orac co-founder Konstantin Gabbro, called Adjunct. Adjunct will serve as a vehicle for releasing “computer funk,” their own special brand of funky, minimal, avant-garde techno.

[a]pendics.shuffle aka Kenneth James Gibson releases records on many labels, including Adjunct and his own label Orac.

Gibson on M-Audio Hardware: “My studio has a very minimal setup. These days I use a MacBook Pro running both Windows and OS X along with the FireWire Audiophile, X-Session, UC-33e and Oxygen8.

“On stage I use the FireWire Audiophile and either the UC-33e or the X-Session for MIDI control. I bring a smaller version of my studio with me on tour—my laptop, soundcard and MIDI controllers—that’s it. Songs that I start on the road will occasionally make it into the real world for releases.”

His songwriting process: “My production process is all about technology, without it what I do would not be possible. I usually start with the percussion and build up from there using a variable random building technique. I start small, build up the song and then strip it down again. What’s left is usually what ends up being the final version of the track. My philosophy is all about losing your head to make music to lose your head (and feet) to. It’s the process of making the music that keeps me going day to day.”

Why M-Audio? “M-Audio makes portable, affordable and useable gear that allows me to work the way I want.”