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Hot Pink Delorean

Hot Pink Delorean
From blog breaks to trashed tracks

After an impulsive leap from D&B to new electro, Hot Pink Delorean’s cheeky blend of house and dance-rock quickly swept blogs and dance floors around the world. It didn’t stop there—DJ AM banged out Hot Pink Delorean remixes of Mephisto Oddessy’s “Bump” and MIA’s “Boys” on the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, while artists from The Qemists & Mike Patton to Britney Spears have sought the trio’s larger-than-life remix treatment. We caught up with Chris, Matt and Jon to find out how music blogs have contributed to their success, and how iZotope Trash is key to their epic riffs.

How did Hot Pink Delorean begin?

Chris: Basically, we did it for fun. We also release drum & bass music under the name Terravita, and our drum & bass release schedule was backed up so we thought, “let’s try making some electro.”

Jon: Our first song, “Played Out,” somehow got into the hands of Aleks at DISCODUST (discodust.blogspot.com), an electro blog. He hit us up and said, “hey, we love this tune do you have anything else?” And we were like, “um, what’s a blog?” [everyone laughs] So we started making more tunes, we did a track called “Badonkadonk,” and did an MIA bootleg, which both got a lot of attention on blogs.

So how important are these music blogs to the success of HPD so far?

Chris: Blogs are very important to scenes like electro and indie rock. Being on sites like MySpace doesn’t really seem to matter if the blogs aren’t directing people to your page.

Matt: It’s a kind of communal music sharing. But it’s also a sort of quality control, because if these people don’t like your music it’s not getting posted on their blog.

It almost seems like radio in the early days of rock and roll, where an influential radio DJ could break a song and be responsible for the success of an artist.

Jon: Exactly. And now if the tune takes off you can see it instantly. We use Google Alerts to keep track of Hot Pink Delorean mentions. When we post up something that people are into, it immediately gets picked up by a dozen other blogs. So you can really see if what you’re doing is making an impact.

HPD has these hyper-real synth guitar sounds. How does iZotope Trash play into getting these larger-than-life riffs?

Matt: There aren’t really any guitars in Hot Pink Delorean tracks, everything is soft synths. We tend to send sounds to different amp modelers on different busses to make these super-heavy guitar-like tones. Trash’s multiband distortion is really cool. Sometimes I’ll have a sound where I think, “this is great, but I just need a little more grit on the high end.” I also use the Multiband Harmonic Exciter in Ozone for adding high-end sparkle.

Chris: Trash is definitely capable of making sounds that other amp modeling plug-ins can’t. It’s not just trying to sound like amps in the real world. Which is important when you’re trying to make something that sounds bigger than any real guitar can actually sound!

Matt: The other really cool thing about Trash is the built-in Wet/Dry slider. As simple as that is, it can be really helpful to balance out a dry sound with the distorted sound. It lets you layer sounds very quickly to get really thick sounds.

What’s next for HPD?

Chris: We just did a remix of “Lost Weekend” by The Qemists and Mike Patton for Ninja Tune, and recently did remixes for Totally Michael and Hail Social. We also have new original material coming out on our new label, Delorean Music Company. Watch for it!