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M-Audio Digital Home Pianos

Premium Digital Pianos for Home, Education and Worship

Tradition Meets the Future
The new M-Audio® DCP line of digital pianos combines excellent performance and computer compatibility to redefine what’s possible in a piano. This well-rounded line offers a variety of models, finishes, features and price points that are ideal for recreational playing, music education, recording, songwriting, worship and more. M-Audio digital pianos uphold the best of music tradition while embracing today’s new creative technologies.

The Piano for the 21st Century
Professional musicians and recording studios around the world rely on M-Audio’s market-leading USB MIDI controller keyboards. M-Audio DCP digital pianos build on this legacy of quality and dependability, fusing market-leading expertise in digital keyboard technology with world-class sounds. M-Audio digital pianos are serious, highly playable instruments equally suited for today’s homes and houses of worship. And a single USB cable unlocks the world of music software for everything from fun-oriented education to serious recording and notation.

Record Audio and MIDI.
The built-in USB audio/MIDI interface lets you record microphones, guitars and other instruments with your PC or Mac. PC users will enjoy the included M-Audio Session recording software—it’s perfect for songwriting and remixes. Mac users can record with GarageBand and other music software. All models also include Sibelius First software—it’s the easy way to create scores that you can print, share, post online, or even sell.

Computer Compatibility—Access the World of Music Software
All M-Audio DCP digital pianos feature built-in USB MIDI interfaces to connect to PC and Mac computers. Enhance the fun with software for music education, notation, MIDI recording and more.

Two Decades of Innovation
M-Audio is celebrating 20 years of critically acclaimed music technology innovation. M-Audio is a worldwide market leader in keyboards, audio and MIDI interfaces, reference monitors and other equipment used by songwriters, musicians and recording studios—from novice to pro.

Features and Specifications

M-Audio DCP-300*
Advanced Digital Console Piano

  • graded hammer action
  • 64-note polyphony (maximum)
  • 16 sounds in internal ROM** (grand piano based on Steinway, two electric pianos, FM electric piano, vibes, harpsichord, jazz organ, church organ, strings, choir, fantasia, warm pad, upright bass, electric bass)
  • 28,000-note song memory
  • tone control
  • reverb and chorus effects
  • vinyl-clad dense wooden cabinet with modesty panel
  • headphone hooks
  • stereo sound system with dual 40-watt amps, 5” woofers and .75” silk-dome tweeters
  • two finish options: dark wood grain or rich walnut

M-Audio DCP-200*
Digital Console Piano

  • graded hammer action
  • 64-note polyphony (maximum)
  • 8 sounds in internal ROM** (grand piano based on Steinway, FM electric piano, harpsichord, church organ, strings, upright bass)
  • 14,000-note song memory
  • vinyl-clad dense wooden cabinet with modesty panel
  • headphone hooks
  • stereo sound system with dual 20-watt amps, 4” woofers and .5” silk-dome tweeters
  • dark wood grain finish

*Available in the US only.
**These products are not connected with, or approved or endorsed by, the owners of the Steinway name. These descriptions are used solely to identify the instruments emulated by M-Audio digital pianos.

Common Features

  • USB 1.1 full-speed class-compliant (fully compatible with USB 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0)
  • graded hammer action
  • master volume
  • reverb effect
  • 4 touch modes (low, normal, hi, fixed)
  • metronome (2/2, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/8, 7/8, 9/8, 12/8)
  • tempo (20 to 280bpm)
  • transpose (+/-12 semitones)
  • layer mode and layer volume
  • split mode and split volume
  • 2-track/1-song recording (record, play, track 1, track 2)
  • 8 demo songs
  • pedal board with 3 pedals (soft, sostenuto and sustain)
  • stereo line inputs (RCAs)
  • stereo line outputs (RCAs)
  • dual headphone outputs
  • grand piano and console models hold laptop computer
  • sliding key cover
  • hinged music stand (folds flat)