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inTone | Guitar Express Virtual Effects Rack
inTone | Guitar Express includes 14 stomp box effects for dialing in unique and distinctive guitar sounds. The software operates as a standalone application for live performance. Plug-in operation is available in the Pro version. Effects can be chained and re-arranged just like real stomp boxes for the ultimate in tone flexibility.

inTone | Bass Express Virtual Effects Rack
Finding the right bass sound can be a challenge, especially since low-end tone makes a huge difference in the overall mix. That’s why Auddifex designed inTone | Bass Express—a selection of plug-ins specifically optimized for bass instruments. The virtual rack hardware can be chained and re-arranged, allowing for endless tweaking of effects parameters.

inTone | Matrix Express Virtual Audio Interface Inserts
inTone | Matrix Express gives you the ability to add “virtual” inserts to your M-Audio interface. This flexible application provides 16 channels of audio, allowing you to use up to two plug-ins per channel, with the first plug-in insert acting as an instrument or effect slot. It also includes eight effects to get you started.

inTone | Keys Express
inTone | Keys Express enables you to combine your favorite MIDI keyboards, software instruments, audio files and VST effects into one integrated system. Create presets based on your favorite hardware/software setups and switch programs on the fly. Connect your MIDI controllers and keyboards to control soft synths and effects during live performances. inTone | Keys Express uses your M-Audio multi-channel interface to allow flexible output assignments—delivering a convenient, all-in-one solution for computer-based musicians.


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