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Audio | MIDI Interfaces
Choose from a wide range of FireWire, USB or PCI audio interfaces tailored to the way you work—including mobile production, field recording and desktop recording. Options include integral mic/instrument preamps, MIDI I/O, digital I/O, multiple headphone outputs and onboard DSP. Our best-selling USB MIDI interfaces complete your setup by allowing you to create a sophisticated network of controllers, synthesizers, samplers and more.
Keyboards | Controllers
M-Audio® MIDI controllers are perfect for playing, programming, producing and performing with today’s incredible software instruments and studios. Choose from straightforward keyboard models or those with additional controllers—including knobs, sliders and trigger pads—that you can map to control your favorite software. And our lightweight digital stage pianos combine renowned M-Audio control with authentic and playable instrument sounds that keyboardists need most.
Monitors | Headphones
Our experienced engineers combine innovative design and superior craftsmanship, developing monitors that push technology boundaries and outperform the competition. From the high-resolution M-Audio® EX66 to the portable Studiophile® AV series, M-Audio provides the perfect monitoring solution to complement your professional setup or project studio. And when you want to make it personal, check out the Studiophile® headphones and the IE reference earphones.
Microphones | Preamps
M-Audio’s award-winning microphones balance vintage design principles with modern technology for sound that’s both familiar and freshly original—without the hassles and expense of antique mics. Our line of preamps helps you further craft your signature sound, including digital outputs on some models. With M-Audio’s selection of mics and pres optimized for different applications, you’re sure to find the right tools for the job.
Software by AIR Music Technology
From music composition and notation to recording and production, Avid provides a wide array of world-class software to meet all your creative needs. Make professional-quality music with Pro Tools MP—a special version of Pro Tools software designed for use with select M-Audio recording interfaces. Build out your tracks with Avid virtual instruments, and create amazing scores with Sibelius notation software. The possibilities are endless.
Digital DJ
The M-Audio® Torq® DJ line brings you new creative options that are simply impossible with old-school hardware rigs or other digital DJ products. If you’re ready to step into your full creative potential, check out an integrated Torq software and hardware system. Our DJ design group uses proven M-Audio technology to deliver innovative solutions that give you the power to mix, remix, produce and perform your music in endless new ways.
Home Music Creation
Why just play MP3s when you can express yourself with your own music? M‑Audio products make it easy for anyone to plug in and create. Build your own DJ mixes. Mash-up and remix your favorite artists. Write and record your own songs. Hear your tracks—as well as DVDs and MP3s—with stunning precision and clarity. You can even create custom podcasts and upload them to the world. Professional recording studios rely on M-Audio products—and now that same technology is available to anyone with a computer and the ambition to create.
M-Audio’s line of accessories completes your setup—from footswitches and power supplies to cables and keyboard covers. We even make a variety of bags so you can take your studio on the road.