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ProKeys 88 - 88-Key Graded Hammer-Action Premium Stage Piano


General MIDI

Minimum System Requirements (PC)

Windows 2000, XP*
* Home and Professional Edition only. Windows Media Center Edition is not supported.

Minimum System Requirements (Mac)

G3 w/ 256MB RAM
OS X 10.2.2, 10.3.6, 10.4, 10.5.1
Available USB port

Audio Samples
Clearly there are gigging keyboardists on the design team...The complement of gozintas (sustain and soft pedal as well as expression pedal ins) and gozoutas (USB and MIDI) is best-in-class, and the front panel features are impressive for the money too. I’ve never met a sub-$1000 stage piano with all these features, let alone one that sounded so good.
- Keyboard Magazine, July 2005
"With a suggested retail price of $749.95, the ProKeys 88 is a great value for players, composers and educators who want to incorporate more technologically advanced samples and intuitive MIDI control into their keybaord performances."
- Downbeat
"I found myself playing the Prokeys 88 for hours and coming up with great Split/Layer combinations when I should have been writing this review." - "I would have nothing but praise for this product even if M-Audio had delivered it at a few hundred dollars more, but the fact that they have brought it in at well under one thousand dollars is really extraordinary."
- Sound on Sound, April 2006
“I worked with our front-of-house engineer to find a sound that would sit well in the mix for the size venues we would be playing on this tour. I use the Grand Piano 1 sound (on the ProKeys88), which sounds great in the two octaves above middle C, where I spend plenty of time in the typical Train set.”
- Brandon Bush, keyboardist, Train