Structure 2 by AIR Music Technology - Sample Instrument Workstation

Top Features

professional RTAS sampler designed and optimized exclusively for Pro Tools > superior performance and unprecedented reliability
includes comprehensive, premium factory sound libraries from EastWest and A.I.R. (nearly 20 GB of content) > everything you need to get started
drag-and-drop Pro Tools regions directly into the sampler > easy custom sound creation
powerful database and integrated file browser > easily find and manage sounds
integrated stereo and surround multi-effects processing engine > over 20 effects types and hundreds of effects presets
The future of professional sampling is here. Developed by the acclaimed Digidesign® Advanced Instrument Research (A.I.R.) group and optimized exclusively for Pro Tools M-Powered™ and other Pro Tools® environments, Structure™ is a powerful RTAS® virtual instrument that redefines the art of sampling. Structure allows you to freely create, sculpt and refine everything from simple acoustic instruments to highly complex soundscapes with amazing ease—in real time. Structure comes with an extensive library of high-quality sounds from A.I.R. and EastWest, welcomes the use of your own sample libraries (unencrypted Digidesign SampleCell, Native Instruments Kontakt 1 and 2, and Apple Logic EXS24 formats), features an impressive universal sound engine with support for an unlimited number of nestable patches, includes a powerful multi-effects processing engine, and optimally manages sample streaming along with Pro Tools playback, giving you superior playability and performance.

Designed and Optimized for Pro Tools

Designed and Optimized for Pro ToolsStructure is purposely built and optimized exclusively for Pro Tools and Pro Tools M-Powered, ensuring the utmost in performance no matter how hard your creativity pushes it. Enjoy smooth, uninterrupted simultaneous playback of Pro Tools audio tracks and Structure samples whether you choose to stream samples from disk (great for longer samples) or from RAM only (for optimal playability and response).**

The Structure playback engine tightly couples with the Pro Tools disk engine, allowing optimal sample streaming from disk in conjunction with Pro Tools audio track operations**—even when faced with playing a large number of audio tracks and sampler voices simultaneously.

This exclusive integration also gives way to other unprecedented features, including the ability to drag and drop Pro Tools regions directly into Structure, and control multiple facets of the sampler with M-Audio and Digidesign control surfaces or MIDI controllers. And because Structure is designed and tested by Digidesign, the creators of Pro Tools, you can be assured of robust reliability now and in the future.

Massive Sonic Opportunities

To help get you started, Structure comes with several professional sound libraries that offer a wide range of high-quality sounds and instruments for your tweaking pleasure. Just load any of them into the interface and you’re ready to go. You can also import existing sample libraries or drag and drop Pro Tools regions directly into Structure.

High-End Premium Sounds Included

Structure comes with a comprehensive set of professional, premium factory sound libraries from both A.I.R. and premier sound innovator EastWest, including Quantum Leap Orchestral Elements. This huge collection spans five DVDs (including the Structure instrument installer), providing you with almost 20 GB worth of pure sound prospects to sculpt and play.

High-End Premium Sounds Included

Choose from a variety of acoustic and electronic instruments and sounds, including acoustic drums, electronic drums, percussion, orchestral elements (including string, brass, woodwind and percussive instruments), pianos and keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars, electric and upright basses, choirs, synth basses, synth pads, synth leads, and surround sounds.

Test Drive Goliath—Structure Edition

Test Drive Goliath—Structure EditionFor the ultimate sound collection, Structure also comes with a 30-day trial of Goliath—Structure Edition, EastWest’s gargantuan 40 GB professional sound library, which offers an extensive range of instruments, soundscapes and textures. Choose from over 180 different instruments and over 600 patches, including drums and percussion, guitars, ethnic instruments, keyboards, orchestral instruments, acoustic and electric pianos, pop brass, choirs and vocals, vintage organs, new age ensembles, dark atmospheres, synth basses, synth leads, and synth pads. Once you own Structure, it’s easy to upgrade to the full version from the web store.

Import or Create Your Own Sounds

Structure also plays nice with your existing sound libraries, allowing you to freely load and manipulate unencrypted Digidesign SampleCell, Native Instruments Kontakt 1 and 2, and Apple Logic EXS24 sound libraries. Structure reads these formats just like its own with superior accuracy. Of course, if uniqueness is what you strive for, Structure also lets you create your own samples by simply dragging any audio region from your Pro Tools session and dropping it straight into Structure. Structure instantly converts and loads the region as a sample that’s primed and ready for your creative whim. No need to export or import audio you recorded or created in Pro Tools.

Efficient and Easy to Use

Structure features an easy-to-navigate tabbed user interface that’s designed for complete ease of use and streamlined to ensure fast access to the most important parameters. While the groundbreaking technology under the hood is meticulously elaborate, Digidesign took great care in making sure that all of the operational controls are straightforward and well organized, allowing you to spend more time creating.

Efficient and Easy to Use

After all, complexity should only be revered in the sounds you create—not in the path to creation.

Find What You Need Fast

Structure features a built-in database and file browser to help you locate sounds quickly and manage your sound library with ease—this will especially come in handy as you search through all of the gigabytes of sounds that come with Structure. Search for sounds by instrument type, manufacturer, style, sound, name and more, and audition samples right in the browser to find that perfect starting point. You can also register, categorize and edit any file’s metadata to optimize your search results.

For those times when you’ve got a multitude of sounds loaded (such as when you’re composing an orchestrated piece), Structure makes it easy to sift through all of the various instrument parts you have at hand. Simply tell Structure to display the patch list view by group and the sampler quickly reorganizes the list into logical groupings, such as placing all strings in one group, woodwinds in another, brass instruments in yet another and so on.

* Use of encrypted third-party sample libraries not supported.
** Optimized sampler integration available with Pro Tools 7.3 or higher software.


Unprecedented Creative Options

Once the sounds are loaded, the fun begins. Structure offers a treasure trove of sound manipulation, editing, layering and signal-processing capabilities that enables you to sculpt complex sounds quickly and easily.

Sound Engine Fosters Unrestrained Creativity

Sound Engine Fosters Unrestrained CreativityAt its core, Structure boasts an impressive and powerful 128-level multitimbral universal sound engine that supports an unlimited number of patches and up to 8-channel interleaved samples. Each patch can have an unlimited number of parts. Each part can consist of a sample, multiple samples, a sub-patch, or a MIDI processor, plus audio and MIDI effects—which can be rearranged at whim for quick and easy sound experimentation. What does that mean for you? Total unrestrained sonic creativity.

Go ahead—layer on a multitude of samples and effects with a heavy hand. Switch things around to see how parts play out and then do it again and again. Or even send different voices from one instance of Structure through multiple outputs into Pro Tools for discrete mixing and signal processing. Structure can take on samples with any standard bit depth, sample rate and surround format—up to 24-bit, 192kHz, 7.1 surround audio. Plus, its built-in REX file player can handle whatever tempo tantrums you may wish to work into your projects.

Tweak Sounds Directly in Structure

Forget about having to export samples to Pro Tools just to edit the sounds you want to use. Structure comes equipped with a fully resizable, integrated Sample Editor, enabling you to tweak a sound to your heart’s content without having to go back and forth with Pro Tools to fine-tune it. Whether you’re looking to craft a new musical instrument to fit the vibe or timing of a song—or want to morph several sounds together to create a succinct sound effect for film—the Sample Editor allows you to rework sounds quickly and deeply.

Tweak Sounds Directly in Structure

The Sample Editor features a multi-frame layout and provides per-zone editing, allowing you to alter different facets of a sound using standard waveform tools or by manipulating various parameters, including the pitch, envelope, filter, amplifier envelope, output and effects routing. Because it’s fully resizable, you can stretch it out as far as your screen real estate will allow, enabling you to create complex sounds with multiple zones and see all of the nitty-gritty details.

Fine-Tune Sounds with Powerful Effects

To really make your instruments, effects and soundscapes shine, Structure features an integrated multi-effects processing engine that offers over 20 types of world-class effects algorithms in stereo and surround. Choose from a variety of reverbs (including stereo and surround convolution reverbs), delays, compressors, EQs and more. You can meticulously dial up the perfect effect to complement your sound or select any of the hundreds of presets for a quick enhancement with zero effort.

You can insert an unlimited number of effects within each patch, and route any patch, part, or individual zone within any given part of a patch to four global effects sends—each of which features four effects inserts—enabling you to powerfully fine-tune each facet of your creation for unprecedented patch design.

Real-Time Playability and Control

Structure is a musical instrument at heart. Regardless of how complex your sound designs may become, Structure maintains an incredibly responsive feel with consistent performance for optimal playability—whether you’re triggering keys from the user interface or a connected MIDI controller, or interacting with the sampler through a M-Audio or Digidesign control surface.

Real-Time Playability and Control

Structure also features six Smart Knobs that provide easy access to an individual patch’s key sonic parameters. For example, a drum patch may provide quick access to its various mic, EQ and room size settings through the Smart Knobs. You can also easily assign any rotary controller within the Structure interface to a knob on your own hardware MIDI controller or M-Audio/Digidesign control surface for total hands-on, real-time control.

With its unprecedented creative capabilities, incredible musical playability, and rock-solid performance and reliability, Structure is destined to become the core instrument in your music and post-production projects.