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Delta 66 - Professional 6-In/6-Out Audio Card with Digital I/O


frequency response:48kHz sample rate
 input: +/-0.3 dB, 22Hz to 22kHz
 output: +/-0.2 dB, 22Hz to 22kHz
 96kHz sample rate:
 input: +/-0.4 dB, 22Hz to 40kHz
 output: +/-0.3 dB, 22Hz to 40kHz
dynamic range:103dB (A-weighted) (D/A)
 99dB (A-weighted) (A/D)
THD:< 0.002% (D/A)
 0.0023% (A/D)
size/weight:5-1/8” x 7/8” x 5-3/8”; 0.8 lbs.
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- Pro Audio Review – October 2005