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Torq MixLab - Digital DJ System

Top Features

includes Torq LE software and X-Session Pro control surface > integrated plug-and-play hardware/software system
easy to use > make music instantly
two virtual decks > mix two songs with independent control of speed and pitch
3-band EQ, headphone cueing, crossfader and effects > full-featured mixer
integrates with iTunes, iPods and more > supports standard digital file formats and devices
record your mixes directly to audio files > ready for instant podcasting or CD burning
The Torq MixLab™ system delivers everything you need to start producing and performing your own DJ tracks right away. The included Torq™ LE software gives you many of the same features found in the powerful Torq application that is revolutionizing the professional DJ world. And the X-Session™ Pro USB controller puts you in command of it all. Torq MixLab is so simple to learn that you’ll be DJing and mixing CDs for your friends immediately. And it’s powerful enough to take you from small parties all the way to stadium gigs.

Start Spinning Tonight

Compatible with both Mac and PC, Torq LE is designed to work right out of the box. Just connect the X-Session Pro, fire up Torq LE and the program takes care of the rest.

Total Digital File Access

Torq LE software allows you to cue, beat-match and mix a wide variety of unprotected digital audio file formats, including MP3, AIFF, WAV, WMA, Apple Lossless and AAC. The program organizes all of your digital files into an easily searchable database, enabling you to pull up the perfect track or change up your set in an instant. You can even access your iTunes library through Torq LE, so you can have your music at your fingertips.


Wheels of Virtual Steel

Torq LE organizes everything you need to DJ into a single, easy-to-use workspace. Two virtual decks let you load, cue and play back digital files—and will even automatically beat-match the files in an instant. And just like a traditional DJ setup, Torq LE includes an integrated two-channel mixer with three-band EQ, level controls, headphone cueing, a crossfader and three effects.

Hands-on Experience

Who wants to DJ with a mouse? The X-Session Pro fuses the standard controls of a two-channel DJ mixer with the transport and pitch controls of a turntable or DJ CD player, enabling you to control everything from a single interface. The mixer controls allow you to make smooth crossfades and adjust level, cueing, and EQ parameters—while the integrated transport and pitch controls allow you to start, stop and beat-match digital files in Torq LE.

“A product like the M-Audio Torq Mixlab would have been unimaginable a decade ago, and certainly not at this price. This is a fantastic value for an entry-level system that will hopefully inspire a new generation of DJs who'll never know the back strain caused by lugging around record crates and a pair of Technics 1200s.”
- CNET, August 2007
“Torq is a solid program that delivers all the goods expected from a DJ program, along with some truly impressive features that can't be found anywhere else…With a list price that's less than half that of competing products, Torq is a compelling alternative that promises to be a serious contender in the digital DJ market."
- Future Music