Transfuser 2 by AIR Music Technology - Interactive Melodic & Rhythmic Groove Creation Instrument

Top Features

easily create, tweak, arrange and perform grooves on the fly right within Pro Tools systems > experiment and explore in real time
Musically Advanced Random Intelligence Operations (M.A.R.I.O.) > instantly generate inspiring groove variations
supports full drag and drop of Pro Tools regions and audio files > quickly locate, audition and import audio in sync with Pro Tools
comes with nearly 2GB of loops and phrases > get started with unique beats, breaks and basses
includes 20 real-time effects > infuse new life into your electronic, hip-hop and dance tracks
supports WAV, AIFF, ACID, REX 1 and 2, and Apple Loops audio files > total file compatibility
Transfuser™ is an innovative, real-time, loop-, phrase- and groove-creation workstation for Pro Tools M-Powered™ and Pro Tools® systems that allows you to easily create, manipulate and perform loop- and rhythm-based music on the fly. Transfuser offers unique tools that’ll have you creating, exploring, and experimenting with music and loops in brand new ways.
Groove at the Speed of Your Imagination

With Transfuser, you don’t need to know music theory to make and manipulate music. Simply drag and drop audio files onto the Transfuser Tracks pane, start playback and get busy. Transfuser features tons of creative tools to quickly explore, audition and import audio in sync with your Pro Tools session, effortlessly create and tweak grooves, intelligently chop up beats and phrases, stretch sounds, re-pitch notes, randomize sequences, add effects, automate and mix tracks, record loops and more—all in real time. Change up a single loop or audio file, or Frankenstein a bunch together and tweak ’til the cows come home.

Tweak and Transform on the Fly

Forget about having to conform every prospective snip of audio for your project at hand—Transfuser does all the heavy lifting for you, leaving you free to explore and experiment in real time. Drag an audio file into the Tracks pane, and, depending on the conversion type you choose, Transfuser dutifully slices up the audio into a slice sequence track, time-stretches it into a beat-matched, trigger sequence track, or converts the audio into a drum sequence track, with individual drum samples mapped to its 12-pad drum sampler—instantly.

Each track type offers easy yet deep Sequencer, Synth and Effects modules and editors for total audio manipulation. Use the Sequencer module to change up the beats and vibe of a drum loop, vary notes in phrases, store patterns, alter the sequence speed (in relation to your session tempo) and more—in real time. Use the Synth module to modify individual sounds and manipulate the audio frequency, velocity, filter, attack and decay. Use the Effects module to insert up to four of 20 different effects per track, including Beatcutter, Tape Delay, Pumper, Compressor, Vinyl, Filter, Spring Reverb and Distortion to make things shine—or go Lo-Fi.

  Meet Your Random Sidekick—M.A.R.I.O.

If you’re looking for a fast way to generate grooves, are stuck in a rut, or feeling lazy, meet M.A.R.I.O. (Musically Advanced Random Intelligence Operations). M.A.R.I.O. makes it super-easy to explore musically inspired variations of a loop at the click of a button, and lets you have some say in how it performs too. You can come up with, say, a single bass line for a verse and then have M.A.R.I.O. instantly generate some sweet variations—with respect to your original—for use in other parts of your song. You can tell M.A.R.I.O. how much variation to apply as well as which parameters to affect, such as the pitch, rhythm, level, filter and more.

M.A.R.I.O is not your basic randomizer—when you engage it, its highly intelligent algorithms analyze your work in terms of musical meaning. Then it searches its smart tables to find similar phrase styles and rhythms (or less similar if you’ve chosen a high depth of variation) and merges them randomly and distinctly with your original to create a unique but similar phrase or rhythm. With M.A.R.I.O., you can simply click, click, click your way to finding perfect grooves to build compelling loops and sequences.

Nothing’s Off Limits

Transfuser is all about exploration and experimentation—your music, your way. Create stuff from scratch or manipulate whatever’s at your fingertips. It comes with nearly 2GB of loops and phrases to help get your creative juices flowing—from beats, breaks and basses to acoustic and ethnic instruments, synth sounds and more. Or drag and drop your own ACID, REX, Apple Loops, AIFF and WAV files into the Transfuser machine for a little slice and splice to inject new life into your ol’ canned loop libraries. Even Pro Tools regions aren’t safe from your bouts of wicked inspiration.

Live It Live

Transfuser also features some serious live performance-oriented features. You can trigger a series of your own pre-sequenced patterns, or let loose and perform, arrange and tweak grooves on the fly from your own MIDI keyboard or controller. Transfuser lets you easily assign MIDI notes and MIDI continuous controllers to control virtually any pattern trigger and control in its interface, including its module and parameter controls, Smart Knobs, Trigger Pads, four-octave keyboard and crossfader.