Transfuser 2 by AIR Music Technology - Interactive Melodic & Rhythmic Groove Creation Instrument

Full Features

easily create, tweak, arrange and perform grooves on the fly right within Pro Tools M-Powered and other Pro Tools systems
offers unique audio tools that let you creatively:
  • beat-sync, auto-slice, stretch, pitch, tag and resample grooves in real time
  • automatically convert loops into
MIDI patterns/drum kits
  • replace sounds in existing loops without stopping playback
  • musically intelligent randomization lets you instantly explore inspiring groove variations at the click of a button
    supports full drag and drop of Pro Tools regions and audio files from your computer browser
    comes with nearly 2GB of loops and phrases to get you started
    includes 20 real-time effects that are ideal for electronic, hip-hop and dance music creation
    supports WAV, AIFF, ACID, REX 1 and 2, and Apple Loops audio files