PULSAR II - Matched Pair Small-Diaphragm Condenser Microphones

Top Features

Two Pulsar II microphones > performance matched for accurate stereo sound
Switchable pads and low-cut filters > provides outstanding versatility
Transformerless FET electronics > designed for low noise and minimal coloration
Solid brass body with internal shockmounts > delivers premium protection and performance
Includes stereo bar, risers and hard mounts > allows excellent stereo positioning

Capture Superior Stereo Recordings

Carefully selected for their nearly identical response, matched pairs of Pulsar II microphones from M-Audio® deliver superior stereo performance. The brass bodies are equipped with internal shockmounts and low-noise transformerless electronics. Each microphone offers a switchable 10 dB attenuation pad, plus an 80 Hz low-cut filter. Together, these functions allow the Pulsar II microphones to adapt to a variety of applications. The included hardware package allows Pulsar II microphones to be mounted in either an X-Y or ORTF (110º) stereo configuration. While ideal for stereo use, these microphones can also be used independently in a wide range of critical recording situations. This complete package includes a stereo mounting bar, hard mounts, risers, windscreens, and cloth bags, as well as a handsome and functional wooden storage/travel case.