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“The Axiom's major features as a keyboard controller are solid and as they should be. The added features of knobs, sliders, and drum pads make it a creative tool. The 20 user preset layouts are the killer feature - I can jump between Reason & Pro Tools and use the Axiom fully for both.”
- Joe Randeen, HowAudio.com

"Wherever I go, I take my Axiom 25, a FireWire 410 and my laptop. I’m able to get a lot of things done that I could never do with a piano."
- Patrick Leonard - Record Producer

"Músico Pro Magazine Cover, August 2006"
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"Overall, the Axiom 25 is a well-built, highly evolved controller. It's one of those products that instantly makes itself at home in the studio."
- Pro Sound News, July 2006
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"M-Audio's modus operandi has always been to out-feature...the competition, and their MIDI keyboards tend to offer not just the generous quantity of controls for the price, but impressive flexibility, and clarity about what's going on, when it's time to program them."
- Keyboard, February 2007

"Every once in a while, just when you think a type of keyboard has saturated the market, along comes something with feature tha make it distinctive enough to reresh the whole concept." - "With semi-weighted action, aftertouch, pressure sensitive drum pads, multiple zones and rugged construction, the Axiom 25 definitely sets a new standard for super-compact MIDI keyboards."
- Keyboard
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“(The Axiom 25) boasts channel aftertouch and an excellent feel, and I reveled in what I reckoned to be the perfect compromise between a weighted piano action and the lighter response of a typical synth.” - "M-Audio are presumably hoping the inclusion of drumm pads and the quality of the keyboard will give them an edge--and they may be right. Either way, we've never had so much choice at this price."
- Sound On Sound, Vol 21, # 8