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GeneralWhat is MIDI?
GeneralMac OS X 10.7.4 compatibility information
GeneralProblems when connecting M-Audio devices to USB 3.0 ports
GeneralUSB MIDI Keyboard, Controller & Interface Installation Troubleshooting Guide
GeneralUnable to locate M-Audio Hardware error when launching Pro Tools M-Powered
GeneralM-Audio SP-2 Sustain Pedal - Sustaining when pedal is in the up position
GeneralMac OS X 10.6.8 Compatibility Information
GeneralMac OS X 10.7, 10.7.1, & 10.7.2 (Lion) Compatibility Information
GeneralMac OS X 10.7.3 Compatibility Information
GeneralWindows 7 Service Pack 1 Compatibility Information
GeneralMy M-Audio Axiom AIR keyboard displays an error on its screen when I launch Ignite. What should I do?
GeneralWhen I press a key, there is a delay before I hear any sound (Latency)
GeneralAudio only records and plays back on 1 side; how do I make it stereo?
GeneralAfter initial installation using the included driver CD, my device is not recognized
General"Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software" message during installation
GeneralWhat Operating System (OS) am I running?
GeneralClass-compliant (no-driver) operation vs. driver install (midi devices)
GeneralUSB Keyboard & Controller - Windows Vista/Windows 7 Installation Guide
GeneralUSB MIDI Device Installation - Mac OS X
GeneralProKeys 88 factory reset
GeneralProKeys 88 - E. Bass sound changes at middle E
GeneralM-Audio Axiom AIR Series - Setup with Logic Pro
GeneralM-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32 - Setup with Ableton Live
GeneralAssigning Transport Control to Boom in Pro Tools
GeneralUSB hubs
GeneralWhat software supports DirectLink Mode with Oxygen 3rd Gen keyboards?
GeneralDoes my M-Audio or Evolution MIDI keyboard/control surface have its own sounds?
GeneralMIDI Mapping is not working in Ableton Live, I cannot assign controls
GeneralVideo Tutorial: Start playing sounds with your MIDI keyboard in Ableton Live Lite
GeneralTesting the MIDI Input/Output of your device (Windows)
GeneralKey Rig Virtual Instrument Software - Windows Operating System Compatibility
GeneralM-Audio Keyboard option in Pro Tools MIDI controllers only supports DirectLink & HyperControl
GeneralVideo Tutorial: Configuring M-Audio Keyboards for use with Reason 4 & Record
GeneralResolving the TBIA Error
GeneralProblems with Sleep (Hibernation) Mode
GeneralLoud popping- or screeching sound when powering up or down
GeneralSongs from iTunes no longer appear in Torq after moving iTunes Library
GeneralCubase receives MIDI input, but does not record MIDI data
GeneralUSB Device not Recognized. One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it.
GeneralUSB Device Stops Working or is no longer recognized (Vista/Windows 7)
GeneralUndefined External Error - MIDI Device Recognized, but no MIDI input received
GeneralInstallation may fail in Windows due to active Firewall and/or Virus scanners
GeneralUnknown Device Error when connecting M-Audio USB device
GeneralCan I adjust the range of the pitch bend with my M-Audio Keyboard?
GeneralBlue Screen/System Crash with OEM Operating System Installation
GeneralKeys stopped working but pitch bend, modulation, and volume work fine
GeneralInstaller Error: Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable. Message: Out of Disk Space - Volume "D:"; required space: 0 KB; available space: 0KB. Free some disk space and retry.
GeneralHow to setup your M-Audio sound card as the system default playback device - Mac
GeneralHow to setup your M-Audio sound card as the system default playback device - Windows
GeneralAbort Installation . . .unable to install . . . Your operating system is not supported . . .
GeneralMac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard: 32-bit vs. 64-bit
GeneralIRQ Troubleshooting (Windows)
GeneralCan't install downloaded driver - Error: not a valid Win32 application
GeneralPerformance issues with multi-core processors (Windows XP)
GeneralMac OS X 10.6.7 Compatibility Information
GeneralRunning Windows on a Mac: Boot Camp / Parallels
GeneralDisconnect products before installing Operating System updates
GeneralProblems with USB devices - USB Root Hub Power Management problems (XP)
GeneralMIDI Keyboard controller Sustain & Expression pedal compatibility
GeneralAMS (Audio MIDI Setup), MIDI Devices section
GeneralMac OS X MIDI Troubleshooting
GeneralBlue screen in Windows 2000 when connecting class compliant Keystation Series devices
GeneralCan I adjust or disable the touch sensitivity or velocity curve on my keyboard?
GeneralMy USB MIDI Keyboard is not recognized by any application (Windows XP)
GeneralExternally triggering the on board sounds of the ProKeys 88
GeneralConfiguring FL Studio for use with M-Audio devices
GeneralConfiguring GarageBand for use with M-Audio devices
GeneralCan I Program my M-Audio controller to send custom SysEx messages?
GeneralDriverless Installation of KeyStudio and KeyRig keyboards
GeneralVideo Tutorial: Loading and playing a software instrument in Pro Tools
GeneralI am getting double notes recorded/triggered with my M-Audio USB MIDI controller
GeneralConfiguring Cakewalk Sonar for use with M-Audio devices
GeneralKeys triggering mutes or solo's on Redrum in Reason or Record software
GeneralCan I use the Enigma software with my keyboard/controller?
GeneralDevice Status: No drivers are installed for this device
GeneralSudden loss of functionality under Windows XP Media Center Edition.
GeneralHotplugging audio- or MIDI interfaces
General2 MIDI devices of the same type in Mac OS X
GeneralWindows XP 64-bit Support
GeneralProblems with USB devices - USB Root Hub Power Management problems (Vista/Win7)
GeneralFree inTone Express applications for M-Audio and Evolution products
GeneralM-Audio USB device not recognized by applications after connecting to different USB ports
GeneralIs the Modulation Wheel supposed to spring back to zero or center like the Pitchbend Wheel?
GeneralWhich M-Audio keyboards send aftertouch from the keys?
GeneralUSB MIDI Devices: Series I MIDI and Series II MIDI
GeneralInstallation Error: This device cannot start. (Code 10)
GeneralConfiguring Sibelius 6 for use with M-Audio devices
GeneralUnable to install device driver - TBIA Error: Access Denied
GeneralYamaha FC-7 Volume Pedal Compatibility
GeneralMIDI device drivers appear in Windows Device Manager but the device isn't recognized in any software
GeneralUSB Speeds: High Speed vs. Full Speed vs. Low Speed
GeneralWhat does "Beta" mean?
GeneralNo MIDI input from the keyboard/controller
GeneralNo sound on MIDI playback
GeneralMac OS X Server Operating System Compatibility
GeneralWindows Server Edition Operating System Compatibility
GeneralUnable to locate Digidesign hardware error when launching Pro Tools
GeneralPro Tools M-Powered 7.4, compatible M-Audio devices and drivers
GeneralLow Power Notice when connecting USB device
GeneralUSB 1.1 Audio and MIDI devices on USB 2.0 ports
GeneralUsing the MIDI Learn Feature in Logic Pro/Express
GeneralMy MIDI keyboard/controller is said to be Enigma compatible but is not on the list of devices.
GeneralLogitech Webcam Conflict - USB Audio or MIDI device is not recognized by Windows
GeneralInstallation does not continue after restart / Windows Washer
GeneralHow can I test if MIDI works? (MacOS 9)
GeneralLinux drivers for the MIDISport- and Keystation Series
GeneralOMS crashes on MIDI setup scan (OS 9)
GeneralUSB MIDI devices not recognized or working with Pro Tools LE installed - Mac OS X
GeneralUninstalling a Windows XP driver that was installed in Windows Vista
GeneralLegacy Operating System and Driver Support, MacOS 9
General"Digital Signature Not Found" message during installation in Windows 2000
GeneralSound Studio 2 is no longer supported
GeneralProblems with USB devices in Windows 98 SE, AMD/VIA.
GeneralMIDI Setup for Digital Performer / FreeMIDI (MacOS 9)
GeneralMIDISport, Keystation or built in MIDI port listed twice in MIDI applications (MacOS 9)
GeneralNo MIDI in when connecting to the 15-pin soundcard gameport
GeneralUSB Drivers for Windows NT 4